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Who Tried to Steal the Election? Trump, That's Who.

For all the talk about how Trump can’t stop whining about election ‘fraud,’ how come nobody seems interested in figuring out who really committed the fraud? What I’m saying is that I’m not so sure that the 2020 election results were honest, not because Joe stole some votes, but because Trump’s vote totals don’t seem so kosher to me.

And when you stop to think about it, wouldn’t it be vintage Trump to try and deflect suspicions about whether he was trying to steal votes by yelling and screaming that the other side was doing it?

And let’s remember that it’s not as if Trump ever had any great appreciation of the democratic process, right? So, if he sat down in December to try and figure out how to overturn November’s results, doesn’t it make sense that he would sit down with the same bunch of shitheads when it was clear from the beginning of the campaign that he wasn’t about to win a second term?

You may not remember, but even before Joe was nominated while the primary campaign was still going on, in head-to-head polls against Trump, Joe was showing that he was ahead. And this edge only strengthened after Joe was nominated, because the first polls between the two candidates had Joe ahead by 7 points, a lead he maintained throughout the entire campaign.

Not a single attack by Trump against Joe stuck at all. The nonsense about ‘demented Joe’ didn’t work, the nonsense about Hunter’s laptop didn’t work, the nonsense about the Biden family coining it in from China didn’t work. None of the attacks worked.

So now we get to July, and Trump starts talking about election ‘fraud.’ And by the way, all this talk about votes being stolen and absentee ballots being thrown out was a strategy first used by none other than Roger Stone, who engineered a similar brouhaha over a threatened recount of Rick Scott’s thin victory for the U.S. Senate seat held by Florida’s Bill Nelson which Scott grabbed away from Nelson in 2018.

Here’s what the aggregate polls showed during the campaign, the vertical line marking the date in March when a national emergency about Covid-19 was declared:

Now if you’re Donald Trump, and the national polls aren’t moving towards you at all, aren’t you going to start getting not just ne4vouse but even desperate by July? And if you’re Roger Stone, and you want your guy back in the White House for another four years, aren’t you going to get him to buy into a strategy for stealing an election which you have tested, and the test worked?

So, let’s look at the numbers from three states – Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin – which ended up going for Joe, but had they remained in Trump’s column the way they were in his column in 2016, he would have ended up with 278 electoral votes and that would have been the end of that.

In 2016, Trump pulled 6,655,560 votes in those three states. In 2020 his total was 7,637,710 votes in those three same states. This was an increase of 14%, while his national vote went up by 17%. Now if he had pulled an increase in those three states which matched the increase in his national vote, he would have won those three states with just about as much of a margin as he won them back in 2016.

Why didn’t this happen? Because Trump is about as a good a manager of an effort to steal votes as he’s been able to manage anything else. But shouldn’t we at least be trying to figure out if he tried to steal some votes? What did Trump really say to a group of POS/GOP legislators from Michigan who came down to D.C. two weeks after the election and met with him to talk about a state recount? We know that in Georgia he tried to get state officials to help him steal some votes, right?

When Roger Stone stole votes not once, but twice in Florida (2000 and again in 2018) he did it after, not before election day. Think the leopard’s spots change? They don’t.

Let’s see what Ben Ginsburg has to say tonight.

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