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Why Can't Hillary Just Shut the Fu*k Up?

              So, Hillary Clinton shows up at Columbia University last week and is greeted by a swarm of protestors because of her pro-Israel stance on the continued violence in the Gaza Strip. Hillary was tuning up for her new gig, which is to be a Professor of International Relations at Columbia’s School of International and Political Affairs.

              This is the reward Hillary gets for not only running the single, worst Presidential campaign of all time, but being the foremost promoter of the election ‘fraud’ narrative to explain her 2016 defeat, which is the exact, same narrative borrowed and embellished slightly by Donad Trump after he lost the 2020 Presidential race.

              That’s right. Trump didn’t come up with this whole fraud nonsense aided and abetted by Rudy Giuliani and Roger Stone. All he had to do was read Hillary’s book about why she lost in 2016 and make some adjustments because his losing campaign obviously occurred at a different date.

              To this day, Hillary has never explained why she stopped campaigning in 2016 after Labor Day, which is when the real campaigning for a November election begins to take place. She repeatedly turned down requests from the Democrat(ic) Party in Michigan to make a public appearance, a state which she lost by two-tenths of one percent of all the votes cast in that state. She lost Pennsylvania by more or less the same amount.

              How did Hillary explain this collapse? She presents her so-called analysis in her book, What Happened, which she published to the usual mélange of ass-kissing reviews and notices from the Fake News.

              And what was Hillary’s explanation for the 2016 debacle, or better said, the 2016 excuse?

              She begins the book by saying she wasn’t going to make the same mistake that she made in 2008 because the second time around she was going to hire and employ the best, the most experienced and the most capable election staff. She then goes on to spend 30 pages describing in glowing terms how this campaign manager and that campaign consultant represented the best campaign staff of all time.

              So why did she lose? Ready? Because Trump stole the election with some help from his Russian friends.

              And this nonsense became such a powerful and compelling line of bullshit that it resulted in a two-year investigation by Robert Mueller, which when it came to finding any direct connection between Trump and the Russians turned up nothing at all.

              Now you would think that maybe, just maybe Hillary would have the good graces to go off quietly by herself somewhere and shut her fuc*ing mouth. But she has gone out of her way to remain as publicly available as possible, up to and including telling anyone who will listen that Joe’s age is a ‘legitimate issue’ during the current campaign.

              The best comment made about both Clintons came from the late Barbara Bush who stated after the 2016 campaign that “if we have to put up with Donald Trump at least we finally get rid of Bill and Hillary Clinton.”

              Barbara was more or less correct about Bill Clinton, who has become something of a distant icon in past Presidential ranks. But the same certainly can’t be said for his wife.

              And by the way, Hillary’s defense of the Israeli blitz of Gaza is right in line with the way she has always responded to America’s use of military force. Do you remember that one of the major issues which Obama used against Hillary in 2008 was her public support for the Iraq war?

              I know, I know. It’s not politically correct to criticize a woman who has raised the bar for women who want to compete with men in the public space. But knowing when to compete also means you have to know when to step back and pull it in.

              Hillary just can’t shut the fu*k up which is why I find myself saying the same thing about her again and again.


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