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Why Can't Trump Run for VP?

Here was the scene yesterday as New York welcomed back El Trump-o to give a deposition in a lawsuit which, like every other legal and criminal assault against America’s greatest President, is nothing more than another outrageous lie concocted by George Soros and the Deep State.

Except that more and more Americans seem to be buying into the idea that Mister Orange Head needs to shut go back to Palm Beach and shut the f--- up. The latest Quinnipiac polls show Biden slightly ahead of Trump in a national match-up, with Trump still getting more than 60% of all registered GOP voters, but failing to pick up a majority of the so-called ‘independent’ vote.

Of course, the problem is that people who don’t register with either of the major political parties also tend to make up their minds about their voting choices very late in a campaign. Except this wasn’t the case in 2020, when Joe’s 7-point lead over Trump was the consistent result in every poll taken beginning in April and was also the final gap between the two contenders when all the votes finally came in.

All I know is that the race for President usually gets serious after the Labor Day holiday of the year prior to the actual vote. Which means that for 2024, political news and campaign predictions usually won’t mean very much until Tuesday, September 5, 2023.

That being said, we also have never experienced a situation in which a former President may shortly be spending most of his time going back and forth between depositions and court appearances in four different places at the same time: two locations in New York City thanks to the efforts of Alvin Bragg and Letitia James, a possible criminal indictment in Georgia and the ongoing DOJ investigation being led by Jack Smith.

There are also some personal lawsuits both for and against Mister 45, the latest being a crazy legal action that he’s bringing against his own former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, for saying things about his former boss that he was under contract not to say.

Talking about Trump’s legal ‘team,’ so to speak, how come we haven’t heard from Rudy Giuliani lately? What’s going on with him?

What’s going on with Rudy is that a new audio tape has just surfaced which has Rudy telling an employee for Fox that he had no knowledge of any so-called election rigging by the company – Dominion – which made all those voting machines that were used to help the Democrats engage in election ‘fraud.’

So here we have an attorney and former federal prosecutor admitting that when he stood up across the street from a porn shop in Philadelphia on November 7, 2020, and kicked off the whole stolen election campaign, that he knew he was full of sh*t.

Rudy still does his morning hot-air performance on WABC radio in New York City but believe me when I tell you that another Rush Limbaugh Rudy just ain’t.

Which brings me to the whole point of today’s rant, which is an idea I have for how the GOP can solve their Trump ‘problem’ and also give their entire 2024 campaign a degree of normalcy which right now it doesn’t have thanks to Trump.

What the GOP mavens should do is start spreading the word that Trump should be considered a serious candidate not for the top slot on the national ticket, but to be the Number Two guy, no matter who is nominated to be Number One at the national convention in Milwaukee next year.

Such a strategy would do two things right now: keep Trump’s various legal problems away from impacting the polls of the national race and making it easy for the GOP Presidential candidate to quickly push someone else into the Number Two slot if Trump really starts going down in flames. It took George McGovern less than a week to dump Thomas Eagleton as his running mate and replace him with Sargent Shriver in 1972.

I like having Trump around, if only because every time he opens his mouth these days, he’s adding another point to the polls which now show Joe moving into the lead.

Maybe Joe should make a quiet deal with the GOP that if they drop Trump back to the Number Two slot, that he’ll dump Kamala Harris and appoint George Soros to be his VP.

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