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Why Can't We Just Do Without Trump?

Did I watch Joe Biden’s speech last night? Is New York a city? NO! – IT’S A JUNGLE!!

I not only watched Joe’s speech, but I watched the first six or seven minutes of the so-called GOP rebuttal by Joe – oops! – I mean Kevin McCarthy, who demanded that Joe apologize to the millions of hard-working Americans he called semi-Fascists just because they are worried about inflation and crime.

I didn’t actually count, but I think that Joe mentioned the word ‘MAGA’ at least 20 times in a 25-minute speech. How many times did I hear the same word from McCarthy?

Right. Zip.

And by the way, during Joe’s speech there were some MAGA-ites with bullhorns screaming away in the background, which made Joe’s comments about the MAGA lack of respect for Democracy only more authentic as he went on.

In fact, I had to wonder whether the schmucks carrying on with their electronic shouts were actually some guys hired by the Democrats to make what Joe was saying about ‘threats’ to democracy seem even more real.

After all, didn’t Trump hire a bunch of out-of-work actors to applaud him when he came down the escalator at Trump Tower and announced his Presidential candidacy back in 2015?

Trump responded with a silly comment on his Truth Social platform about how Joe was suffering from ‘dementia’ for making it clear that he didn’t understand what MAGA really meant. But what I found interesting about Trump’s comment is that so far, he has only received about 25,000 thank-you’s from his fans. When he used to post something on Twitter, he would get ten or 20 times more than that.

Of course, Trump would also attract just as many GFYs for his tweets. Which is just more proof that even with all his attempts to stick around and get attention, he’s slowly but surely fading away.

The problem with being President is that it’s a very brief shelf life. Teddy Roosevelt became President in 1901 when he finished William McKinley’s term. He then ran for President in 1904 and won. He tried to go for a third term in 1912 and lost.

The only problem with Joe’s speech, as far as I’m concerned, is that by making the threat of MAGA the centerpiece of his contribution to the 2022 campaign, he’s actually helping to keep Trump politically alive, and by keeping Trump alive, Joe’s giving Trump more credit and importance than he’s worth.

Back in December 2015, Huffington Post announced they were taking Trump off the entertainment page and putting him on the political page. Huffington had initially relegated Trump to the entertainment section because his candidacy did not “represent a serious and good faith effort to present ideas on how best to govern the country.”

Huffington moved Trump back to the political section in response to his call for a complete ban on Muslim immigration after a shooting rampage in California by a Muslim couple, saying that his candidacy had now ‘morphed from a sideshow; to ‘an ugly and dangerous force in American politics.’”

What I really don’t get is how and why it took the Democrat(ic) Party leadership and their media allies seven years to figure out what Arianna Huffington figured out back in 2015. For that matter, I’m not so sure that Trump ever belonged in the political section of any media publication or as a topic for discussion on political websites or 24/7 political TV.

Stop and think about it for a minute, okay? Would it have been such what Grandpa would have called a ‘gefailich’ (read: big deal) if none of the news outlets ever carried Trump’s daily lies about Covid-19? Did he deserve to get any coverage when he told the American people that he knew more about the virus than what Anthony Fauci had said? Did we all need to be insulted by him when he announced after Charlottesville that there were ‘good people on both sides?’

Freedom of speech be damned; this guy Trump has said things over the public airwaves or internet waves that simply do not deserve to be heard. And I’m not talking about bumping him off of Facebook or Twitter. I’m talking about Fake News outlets like MS-NBC and The (‘failing’) New York Times that can sacrifice a little revenue and protect us from the verbal pollution that Trump represents.

I really wouldn’t mind never hearing from him again. Is that so bad?

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1 Comment

Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams
Sep 02, 2022

I agree...I wish people would stop talking about Trump and I think you do too, so why do you keep talking about him?

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