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Why Did Rudy Run the Election 'Fraud' Campaign for Trump?

So, the Board on Professional Responsibility of the D.C. Bar Association has now released its preliminary decision (subject to an appeal) regarding the Association’s review of Rudy Giuliani’s appearance before the Board on December 5-8 and 15, 2022. At these appearances, Giuliani attempted to explain how he went about trying to get the Presidential election results from Pennsylvania thrown out.

Pennsylvania was one of the states where Giuliani either personally appeared or directed the work of other attorneys to remake the 2020 election in Trump’s favor, a task which Rudy took on following that nutty press conference held across the street from a Philadelphia porn shop when Rudy first claimed that the election was a ‘fraud.’

Now you would think that an attorney called up before the disciplinary committee of the D.C. Bar Association would try to present a case which had at least some degree of legal standing and was based on some degree of verifiable facts. In fact, what the Association heard from Rudy in his five days of testimony was something which reads like the script right out of ‘The Lavender Hill Mob,’ or some other movie which takes a criminal plan and turns it into a farce.

I’m assuming that once the nonsense dies down about how Trump, et. al., led a Fascist plot to overthrow the Constitution and install himself in the White House as Dictator for Life, the Coen Brothers will release a film with George Clooney chasing some cocked-up voting scheme in D.C. the way he ran around chasing an alleged stash of secret documents in their brilliant ‘Burn After Reading’ film.

Here’s a guy, a former head of the largest federal prosecutor’s office in the United States, who admits to the D.C. Bar Association that his so-called ‘evidence’ about Pennsylvania voting fraud is based on nothing more than what Grandpa would call ‘hai cock,’ (read: bullshit and whatever is left over is horseshit) and what is even worse, brought his so-called ‘investigator,’ Bernard Kerik into the hearing who not only couldn’t produce any factually-based evidence, but admitted that he couldn’t actually declare that the documentation he produced was true.

Talk about a blind man being led by a fool, or maybe the other way around, but the idea that Giuliani would bring someone like Bernard Kerik to testify at any kind of legal proceeding isn’t just a bad joke, but borders on the absurd.

Kerik was NYPD Commissioner when Giuliani was Mayor and the two of them were together almost continuously after the Twin Towers came down. When Giuliani left City Hall and started a consulting business to deal with terrorist threats, Kerik was his right-hand man.

The shit on Kerik began to hit the fan when he was indicted first for ethics violations in 2006 and then indicted for tax fraud and related charges the following year. He served three years in a Federal lockup, was released in 2013 and went right back to working for Giuliani again.

Was Kerik pardoned by Trump for his various legal transgressions? Of course he was. And this pardon, which Kerik received in early 2020, got him right back into the Trump orbit via his work for Giuliani and the so-called research he would do on election ‘fraud’ in 2021.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking, however, that Rudy and Bernie were working for Trump just because they felt that as good, patriotic Americans that the 2020 election results needed to be overturned. In fact, a week after the loony press conference in Philly (where Kerik was standing directly behind Rudy during the latter’s remarks to the media) a story floated around that Rudy had asked Trump to pay him – ready? - $20,000 a day to run the ‘election fraud’ campaign.

Rudy denied the story but, in a type of Nixonian parlance, said that the salary issue would be ‘negotiated’ at the proper time. Meanwhile, there have subsequently been stories which say that Trump has refused to pay Rudy’s legal bills. Want to try and figure out what’s true and not true when it comes to what we really know about those two momsers (read: bastards) – Rudy and Trump? Go ahead and try to figure it out.

The bottom line is that just about everyone who worked for Trump was primarily trying to feather their own nest, and many of those nests are falling out of the trees. Steve Bannon has been ordered to pay his attorneys some five hundred grand for legal fees, which is dough he doesn’t have, and Mike Lindell’s pillow company appears to be going bust.

I’m telling you. The Coen Brothers must be making a movie about Trump and his gang.

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