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Why Did Trump Finally Shut The F**k Up!

All year long a lot of us have been wondering what it would take to finally get Trump to shut the f**k up. Obviously, the fake news media wasn’t going to help us – they need Trump around in order to have something to talk about. Ditto the alt-right media - Fox, Newsmax and all the rest.

But it’s finally happened. Trump is as dead a duck as a dead duck can be. Why? Because Joe said one sentence about Trump and that was the end of that.

Here’s the sentence as spoken by Joe last Tuesday afternoon: "We want to give credit to everyone involved in this vaccine effort and the prior administration and the science community and the medical sphere … for getting the program off the ground,"

Now you can’t tell me there was no connection between this comment and fact that two days earlier at an appearance in Dallas, Trump was booed when he told the crowd that he had received a booster shot. Of course, there was a connection. But we all know that Joe’s senile, right? Yea, right.

Maybe it’s Trump who’s going daffy. Because not only did he reveal that he had joined the vaccinated crowd, but he then publicly stated on Fox News that he was ‘very appreciative’ for what Joe had said.

This is a guy who has spent the last year telling everyone that Joe’s not the real President, that Joe’s failed in everything he’s tried to do, that Joe has absolutely no chance of being elected again, particularly if Trump decides to run. And now, all of a sudden, Trump’s ‘very appreciative’ for what Joe said?

Think there’s any chance that maybe, just maybe Joe told Trump ahead of time what he was planning to say? All of a sudden, these two bitter enemies are now in lockstep? Wasn’t the last time that Joe talked to Trump the time he told him during their first debate to just shut up?

Meanwhile, I’ll tell you who’s not shutting up. It’s the whole alt-right, pro-Trump media brigade which all of a sudden finds themselves without a leg to stand on because Trump has just blown them all away. It started off with a remark he made to a right-wing media stooge, Candace Owens, when he said, “The ones that get very sick and go to the hospital are the ones who don't take their vaccine.”

Is this the same guy who, until last week, spent an entire year telling everyone that nobody should be forced to get a shot? Was this the same guy who applauded the schmucks who paraded around in front of the Wisconsin State House with their assault rifles just to make sure that no Covid-19 mandate would go into effect?

And here was the response to Trump from none other than Alex Jones of Infowars, who has spent the last five years applauding and promoting every stupid, racist, and crazy conspiracy theory that has come out of Trump’s mouth: “We're fighting Bill Gates and Fauci and Biden and the New World Order and Psaki and the Davos Group, and now we’ve got Trump on their team.”

Yesterday I tuned into the local AM shock-jock radio station and the Rush Limbaugh wannabee spent the entire first hour ranting about some comment Joe made about inflation which was about as important and newsworthy as what Leonard Mermelstein ate for breakfast the same day. Leonard Mermelstein happens to be one of my cats.

That all being said, I’m going to indulge in a little conspiracy theory of my own, which I bet has a greater possibility of coming true than the theories floating around about how the January 6th riot was really the work of ANTIFA and the BLM gang. And my theory goes like this.

We aren’t going to overcome the ‘Kung flu’ until and unless all those Republicans living in those red states stop f**king around and get their shots. Guess which states we’re talking about? According to the CDC, of the 13 states which should lock down right now, 9 of them happen to be states controlled by the GOP.

And before I forget, yesterday a bunch of anti-vaccine dopes staged an angry demonstration in front of a restaurant where they were denied entrance because they couldn’t show proof of having received Covid-19 vaccines. Where was the restaurant located? In Trump Tower, okay? Now back to my Joe-Trump conspiracy.

The House Committee can call all the witnesses it wants, but in order to charge Trump with some kind of illegal behavior leading up to January 6th, the matter has to be referred to the Justice Department. And who happens to run the DOJ? Yea, yea, I know all about Merrick Garland, but he reports to a guy named Joe Biden whose office is down the street.

You think that Joe and Trump couldn’t get together and work this out? Think again and by the way, HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND A BLESSED, SAFE AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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