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Why Do We Keep Listening to Trump?

Maybe I’m just not smart enough to understand this issue and perhaps one or more of my readers will try to help me out, but my question is this: How come the mainstream (i.e., Fake News) media continues to kiss Trump’s fat ass?

This bizarre and wholly unprofessional approach to Trump first became very obvious to me when Trump made that incredibly stupid and senseless comment after the Nazis marched through Charlottesville and he said there were ‘good people’ on both sides.

You just don’t say anything other than complete and total denunciation of Nazis if you are President of the United States. You just don’t.

So why should anyone be surprised when two-thirds of GOP voters now believe that the indictments of Trump prove that we live in a Fascist state?

Meanwhile, what’s more interesting to me is the video put out by NBC-NEWS this week of one of Trump’s biggest advisers, an attorney named Boris Epshteyn, being arrested in front of a nightclub in Scottsdale in 2021. He’s sitting on the ground, looking drunk as hell, and being arrested because he couldn’t stop feeling up some woman inside the club who finally got pissed off enough to call the cops.

Epshteyn was convicted of disorderly conduct but made a deal in which the conviction was set aside when he completed probation last year. Nevertheless, the NBC article contains enough quotes from the woman he physically assaulted to demonstrate that this guy is just one, big, stupid schmuck.

How come Trump hasn’t said anything about how his good buddy is being targeted by the Deep State? I’ll tell you why. Because last year Trump was convicted in a civil suit for sexually assaulting and then defaming E. Jean Carroll back in the 1990’s, and her description of how Trump behaved in a New York City department store is almost exactly the way that schmuck-o Epshteyn behaved in a Scottsdale bar.

Now you would think that that someone who has been found to be a sexual predator by a jury would be seen as someone who simply cannot be considered a person who should represent the United States. And yet I can guarantee you that the Fake News media won’t once mention how two sexual predators end up being on the same political team.

And this practice of giving Trump a pass for his personal behavior has been typical of his media coverage since the day he walked down the stairs in front of a rented crowd and announced he was running for President in 2015.

And by the way, it’s not only his behavior which somehow escapes the scrutiny of the Fake News, but also how his political views are analyzed by the so-called experts who tell us about why Trump is such a ‘threat’ to our country’s democratic traditions and our mainstream political views.

The other day, Alternet ran an op-ed by Robert Reich, which was a repeat of an interview he gave to Huffington Post, in which Reich explained why Trump is a Fascist. Reich may have been Secretary of Labor, but that doesn’t mean he knows anything about political ideology, a point which I made in a review of Reich’s earlier attempt to paint Trump with a Fascist brush.

What should be said about Trump is that he’s a threat to any woman who finds herself alone with him in an enclosed space. But you don’t see this being said about Trump, in the same way that we still keep getting Fake News accounts of his rallies which are described as the Second Coming of Christ. [Thank you Paula.]

This guy – I’m talking about Trump – gets up in front of a bunch of overly self-righteous Christians or the F-150 drivers with their MAGA flags and says the same, stupid things every single time. Same insults, same bragging, same lies, same profanity - same, same, same.

When was the last time the Fake News reported what Joe says? Yea, they’ll give him a headline if he’s announcing a new program or a response of the government to an event either in the United States or overseas. But the only time that we hear or read a political remark from Joe is when he flubs one of his lines.

What I’m saying is that Trump may no longer be President, but he still has access to the bully pulpit which is provided to him - gratis by the way – thanks to the Fake News.

Trump’s absolutely correct. It’s fake news.

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