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Why Is Trump So Far Ahead?

So, never mind that Trump-o has a small lead over Joe in the swing-state polls, the real question is how do you explain a 50-point bulge over any of his competitors in the GOP primary campaign?

Actually, there are two reasons for how things seem to be shaking out in GOP-land.

For one thing, the GOP field is a bunch of Humpty-Dumpty’s who are so pathetically weak that my cat Leonard Mermelstein would probably beat any of them out in a poll, never mind an actual vote.

I watched about 30 minutes of the debate last week and I couldn’t believe that these are the people who are vying to become the head of a national political party in the United States.

I mean, I could see someone like Vivek Ramaswamy or Nikki Haley running things in a country, let’s say, like San Marino, whose total population (34,000) is about the same as the number of people who live in a New York City housing project in East New York.

But run the government of the United States? Are you serious?

Not that Orange Shithead demonstrated any management ability beyond sitting behind the Resolute desk and posing for pictures with various Oval Office guests. But to his credit, at least after doing a quick photo op, El Trump-o would then take his guests across the hall to a room where he would sell them a set of napkins or a t-shirt with the MAGA logo, take their money and keep the change.

The second reason why Orange Shithead is way out in front of everyone else on the GOP side, is because he’s been campaigning to be re-elected since he lost the last election in 2021. Not only has he continued to yell and scream about election ‘fraud’ on a daily basis, but he has held at least 50 mass rallies over the last couple of years.

Not a single other candidate on the GOP primary list has held even a fraction of the large events that the Shithead has held, if they’ve held any campaign events at all. So, they show up at some county fair, walk around and shake a few hands. Or they go through some factory in a couple of minutes and then hold a meet-and-greet with local media before getting back on their campaign bus – big, goddamn deal.

What Trump has done is transform the office of President from a managerial role to a ceremonial role, with every ceremony promoting himself and his MAGA brand. And I notice, by the way, that MAGA disappeared from the Trump repertoire for a few months after January 6th, but now it’s back in full force.

Trump’s lead in the polls could dramatically change, of course, if or when he’s convicted of any of the 91 charges he’s facing in various Federal and state courts. And I get the distinct impression that the rest of the GOP field believes that the primary campaign will only become a real campaign when Trump-o posts bail while he appeals a jury’s decision which will wind up with him going to jail.

But I’m not so sure that it will be all that easy to find twelve ‘average’ Americans who will be willing to see a former President go off in an orange jumpsuit because of how they vote in the jury room. Evidence or no evidence, most of us still think of the President as being somewhat bigger and better than the rest of us.

All of which is fine as far as I’m concerned. Because as long as Trump-o isn’t running again against she-who-shall-remain-nameless but still can’t shut the fuck up and disappear, he won’t win a second term.

And if we have to steal another election to keep Orange Shithead on one of his bankrupt golf clubs every day, that’s fine with me too.

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