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Why Not 'Take America Back?'

One of the important legs which Trump and his gang hoped would support their whole table of lies about the 2020 election got kicked out and basically smashed to bits yesterday by a federal judge in Georgia who denied a request by Mark Meadows to have his indictment and trial moved from state to federal court.

Meadows wanted to move his trial as far from Fulton County as possible because in Georgia, like in most states, the percentage of blacks of the total population goes up as the particular location becomes more urban, and becomes a ‘whiter’ area as housing projects are replaced by trailer parks.

The attempt by Meadows to find a ‘whiter’ population from which to come up with a jury pool is, of course, a racist strategy in and of itself, because such a strategy assumes that blacks are going to be less honest or less fair when asked to judge the behavior of a defendant who happens to be white.

It figures that Mark Meadows would be the first member of the Trump banda to make this move because, after all, he’s a white guy from the South. And while I’m making my own assumption about what goes into the heads of white Southerners about blacks is often, if not entirely based on some racist crap, in this respect I’m not usually wrong.

You see, I never understood why we took those goddamn thirteen Confederate states back into the Union at all. We could have turned them into possessions, like Puerto Rico or Guam. That way, all the retired New Yorkers could still buy some crummy apartment in The Villages or one of those other ‘over-55’ condo dumps and come up to sponge off their grown children during the Summer months without having to cross an international line.

For that matter, we could have just said to hell ‘em, let them keep their status as a separate nation-state, and this way we could have avoided much of the nonsense that we get from the GOP today.

If Nixon hadn’t made a deal in 1968 with Strom Thurmond and some other Southern racist politicians to ‘go slow’ on civil rights, those 13 Southern states would have continued to be controlled by the Democrat(ic) Party and the GOP, nationally speaking, would have been shit out of luck.

Yea, we continue to send those states more money than they send us; yea, we would still listen to some members of Congress get up and yap away with those illiterate-sounding Southern drawls; yea, we wouldn’t have been able to restrict the commerce in tobacco and maybe save some folks up North from dying early from lung cancer; yea, yea, yea.

But in the entire history of this country there has never been a mass movement as racist and unregenerately backward-looking as the Klan, and the more I think about it, the more I think that MAGA is just a latter-day version of the Klan.

And if you don’t believe me, recall this picture from the riot on January 6th:

What kind of asshole walks through the Capitol of the United States brandishing a Confederate flag? And I can just see Trump-o sitting there, looking at this picture and telling the rest of his toadies about how he knows there were ‘good people’ on both sides. Remember that one?

How many people were killed on January 6th? Seven or less? How many Union soldiers were killed in battle between 1861 and 1865? Try over 110,000, okay? And if you think that any of those 110,000 men would have been lost if those goddamn white Southerners hadn’t been committed to maintaining a society with different rules for blacks as opposed to whites, you need to think it through again.

I’m not saying that racist ideas and culture don’t float around in the Northern states. But the truth is that the legal costs which were incurred by the NAACP to bring Brown v. Board to the Supreme Court in 1953 weren’t paid for by donations made by Southern whites.

And when Trump and the other shitheads like Mark Meadows exult in the possibility of ‘taking America back,’ what they’re really saying is they want to take America back to when they could walk down a street and tell the nig*er to get off the sidewalk and walk in the street.

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