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Will Donald Trump Go to Jail?

So, here we are, eight weeks away from the mid-term election and I’m sick of it already. Why? Because the election has become nothing more than just another Fake News media effort to keep feeding us stories about Donald Trump.

What was the big headline this morning? It was a story and photo of Trump getting off a plane at Dulles Airport yesterday, evidently coming back to D.C.

This is news? This is something we need to think about as we move towards a national vote that will not only determine which Party will control Congress but who will be the probable Presidential contenders in 2024?

I’m beginning to believe that the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago because they were tipped off by Trump. After all, he had been fading from the headlines in the weeks before the raid and once the FBI showed up, his poll numbers among Republicans actually went up.

As Grandpa would say, ‘gai macht’ (read: go figure.) Here’s a guy who allegedly left highly classified documents lying around his home, including what they are saying was important intel about another country’s nukes, and among GOP voters this means Trump should be President again.

Which proves one of two things. Either it really doesn’t matter who’s sitting behind the Resolute desk at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, or it doesn’t matter if nobody’s sitting behind that desk.

Because let’s say that Trump gets indicted, which may actually push up his poll numbers even more. And then let’s say he goes on trial next year and gets convicted – his appeals will take at least another year.

So now we’re in 2024. Trump loses his final appeal but meanwhile he’s not only heading the GOP ballot but gets Roger Stone and Rudy Giuliani to steal enough votes for him to win. After all, you think those two guys haven’t been figuring out what they need to do different than what they did when they tried to steal the 2020 Presidential vote?

And don’t worry. The Democrats still won’t figure any of this out, ditto their friends in the Fake News. I watched just about the entire cavalcade of witnesses who appeared before the House Select Committee earlier this year, and I couldn’t believe how the questions that should have been asked by Cheney, Raskin, were never asked.

Remember in Godfather II where Frankie Pentangeli goes before a Congressional committee investigating Michael Corleone and says that everything he told the FBI was a lie?

“They made me say this, they made me say that” Pentangeli exclaims. The actor who played Pentangeli, the late Michael Gazzo, received an Academy Award nomination for his performance in that role.

If they gave out awards for performances before a Congressional committee, some of the witnesses who appeared before the House Select Committee would win hands down. The best performance of all was by Twerp Kushner, who stared blankly into a video cam and mumbled something that nobody could hear.

Kushner was the second most important person in the White House after Trump?

Meanwhile, the Select Committee is going to hold more hearings over the next several weeks, with Raskin promising that at least one of the hearings will be a ‘blockbuster’ event.

Why should I be so surprised that Trump makes a headline just by coming down the steps from an airplane? I can’t wait for the Fake News to start drumming up the next round of Select Committee performances which will only tell us again what we already know. And what we know is that some 30,000 schmucks showed up in D.C. on January 6th because Trump told them to show up.

The Fake News and the liberal pundits-influencers can talk all they want about how Trump has broken this law and that law but he’s going to wind up in jail like I’m going to wind up in jail. The last thing the Democrats need is run against someone who qualifies for the ‘victim’ vote in 2024.

On the other hand, when you think about it, is there a better reason to vote for someone to sit behind the Resolute desk?

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