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Will The Democrats Screw Up Chasing Trump for the 3rd Time?

Now that the Select Committee’s performance is grinding to an eventual halt, the question needs to be asked: Will the Democrats fuck up the public examination of Orange Shithead’s (a.k.a. Donald Trump or OS) behavior in office for the third time?

The first assault was the impeachment which started December 18, 2019 and ended with an acquittal vote in the Senate on February 5, 2020. The timing was perfect because it allowed OS to go into the 2020 campaign and accuse the Democrats of a ‘false’ attack which was no different from the Russian ‘hoax’ or the phony Mueller probe.

The worst and most embarrassing moment for the Democrats during Impeachment I, was when the legal profession’s biggest and most disgusting piece of shit, Alan Dershowitz, defended OS on the Senate floor. The Democrats allowed this creep to stand in the same spot where Senators like Henry Clay, John Calhoun and Daniel Webster stood?

Dershowitz was the guy who tried to get Harvard University to give an honorary degree to Jeffrey Epstein, okay? He claimed he ‘resigned’ from Harvard but if that were true, he would have been the first faculty member to freely leave an academic post at Harvard since the University was founded in 1636.

The second impeachment was just as bad or maybe worse. The so-called trial ran for five days in February 2021 and was led off with a video of the riot, and then featured Jamie Raskin, who claimed that Trump had incited an ‘insurrection’ on January 6th because the rioters went to the Capitol at his ‘command.’

Now isn’t that exactly what Raskin said during the Select Committee hearing last week? The Committee claims to have interviewed hundreds of witnesses and read thousands of emails, but they still haven’t connected OS to anything having to do with planning January 6th.

So, OS got up and made a speech. So what? He didn’t tell those jacks-offs with their MAGA flags to break into the Capitol, assault police officers and steal some furniture out of Nancy Pelosi’s office suite. The moron from Ohio who testified before the Committee last week said he came to D.C. because he ‘knew’ this is what Trump wanted him to do.

How did he know this? He knew it the way he knew that the election was rigged. In other words, he knew what Grandpa would call ‘gurnisht helfen’ (read: nothing at all.)

But now it comes out that even if Trump didn’t help plan the January 6th riot before it occurred, that he might have kept law enforcement agencies from gearing up to defend the Capitol, both before and while the riot was going on.

For weeks before the riot, agencies like the FBI and the Secret Service were picking up online chatter about individuals from the various alt-right, dumb-ass groups like the Three Percenters and the Proud Boys coming to D.C. with the intention of doing something to ‘stop the steal.’

Was Trump advised about this intelligence prior to January 6th? We don’t know because the Secret Service deleted thousands of emails from January 5th and January 6th.

Hey! Wait a minute! I thought the Select Committee read endless emails in order to build a case. How come the Committee didn’t mention the absence of these emails while patting themselves on their collective backs for doing such a thorough investigative job.

Meanwhile, it also turns out that at the exact moment the ‘patriots’ were breaking into the Capitol and yelling ‘Hang Mike Pence,’ a large, uniformed, and armed security force from Customs and Border Protection were kept waiting in the Reagan Office Building three blocks from the Capitol but were told not to move.

How come none of this was mentioned by the Select Committee in any of their hearings to date? How come the Committee has gone out of its way to avoid talking about how and why federal police and security agents were prevented from doing their jobs?

And guess who is ultimately responsible for the conduct of all federal law enforcement agencies? That’s right – Orange Shithead, a.k.a., Donald Trump.

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1 Comment

At this point, it's a question of what Merrick Garland will do. At this point, unfortunately, the descriptive term "milk toast" comes to mind. Or maybe since he's such a frighteningly intelligent former judge, it's "milque toast".

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