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Will The GOP Commit Suicide?

              When I first got interested in politics, I always thought the Democrat(ic) Party represented the United Federation of Teachers, and the Republic(an) Party represented the Chamber of Commerce. In a capitalist system which depends on a combination of brains and money, you need both.

              I still believe the Democrats stick with the UFT, but I’m not sure what the GOP represents, particularly since the appearance of all that MAGA crap.

              And I’m not sure whether the GOP which I used to know even exists anymore, given what the Chamber of Commerce announced yesterday. Not only did the Chamber initially support the legislation when it included $18 billion for funding of programs at the Southern border, but even when those monies were stripped out of the bill and it was passed last night in the Senate with monies earmarked for Ukraine and Israel, along with humanitarian aid for Gaza, the Chamber restated its support.

              The Senate bill passed overwhelmingly, with 70 yea votes and only 29 GOP votes cast to shut down the measure, but things are different on the House side. As of this morning, the House Speaker is saying that he won’t even let the bill come to the floor for a debate. And his opposition to the funding is based primarily on the very loud barking coming from Donald Trump, who has been against both the border bill, as well as sending any money to Gaza. Israel or Ukraine.

              We are only three weeks away from Super Tuesday, which is when 15 states will hold primaries that will probably determine the final primary outcome for the GOP.  Trump is ahead in polls for all these states, he even has a 32-point lead over Nikki Haley in her own state.

              What will happen the day after Super Tuesday when we wake up on March 6th, is that MAGA will be alive and well within the GOP. And what this outcome means is that no bills sponsored by the Democrats will get to Joe’s desk for a signature because the last thing that the opposition is going to do is give the other side any leeway during an election year.

              Which is all fine and well, except for the fact that when we’re talking about MAGA, we’re not just talking about some little variation on the GOP’s main theme. We’re talking about an entirely new face for America’s second largest political party, whose national registration is somewhere around 39 million compared to the 48 million who are in the Democratic fold.

              The problem, however, is that registrations are one thing, votes are something else. In 2020, 155 million voted either for Joe or for Trump. In other words, for every voter who registers either for the blue or the red team, there’s another voter out there who isn’t registered for either party but come November 5th, may well show up to vote.

              This is why the Chamber’s announcement that it is splitting with the GOP over funding the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East should be regarded as a harbinger of what may happen hat to the party of Lincoln over the next couple of years.

              What the Chamber is really saying is that they don’t particularly like Trump. And why should they, when this guy gets indicted every time he trips over his own feet. And the border thing is even worse, because in that situation he even blinked his approval when Steve Bannon scammed a bunch of ‘build the wall’ innocent donors out of a million bucks.

              But if Trump gets his ass whipped again by Joe later this year, I can guarantee you that it’s not MAGA that will suffer, the pain will be felt much more by the GOP. Because Trump and his allies will immediately begin accusing all those RINOS and other GOP chickenshits that the GOP needs to change in a fundamental way, and having now lost the last two elections and maybe the House majority as well, there’s a good chance that MAGA will become the legal and formal successor to the GOP.

              Think I’m kidding? Trump just announced that he wants a North Carolina politico named Michael Whatley to be the new RNC Chairman along with a new Vice Chair named Lara Trump who happens to be married to Eric Trump. So, we will now have a party leadership comprised of two individuals who are on the public record as still promoting the idea that the 2020 election was a fraud.

              If that doesn’t make the GOP into a de facto version of MAGA, I don’t know what does.

              Let me put it to you this way, okay? Trump has demonstrated a talent in building a brand, and MAGA happens to be brand name which he owns. So, what he’s really trying to do is not just take over the GOP but take ownership of it as well.

              And winning or losing this year’s election, he may actually accomplish that goal without spending one, goddamn cent.


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