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Will The GOP Stop Promoting Conspiracy Theories?

I’m going to make a crazy statement but please indulge me in my craziness, okay?

I believe that what happened in a Texas courtroom yesterday when Alex Jones was slammed with $4 million in compensatory damages for saying that Sandy Hook didn’t happen will turn out to be a signal for what will happen to the GOP’s chances of taking back Congress when we vote on November 8th.

Both the Senate and the House might still shift from slightly blue to slightly red, if only because the ‘out’ party almost always replaces the ‘in’ party when all the mid-term votes are counted up. But it won’t be a big victory for the POS/GOP, and the final tally will show that the MAGA candidates will have failed in most races to get anything done.

What’s the connection to Alex Jones who will get clobbered again when the jury comes back and awards punitive damages to the parents who lost real children in the slaughter at Sandy Hook which Joes said never took place? The connection is that Alex Jones was a member of the supporting cast for the whole MAGA production developed by Roger Stone with a script by Steve Bannon, orchestrated by Rudy Giuliani, and directed by Donald Trump.

Stop and think about it, okay? What is MAGA if nothing other than a conspiracy theory writ large? The theory is based on the idea that America needs to defend itself against those non-White hordes who are the shock troops of a globalist effort to reduce the United States to be just another ‘shithole country’ controlled by George Soros and the worldwide Jewish banking conspiracy that already controls the Deep State.

Think I’m exaggerating just a little too much? If you do, then you haven’t been tuning into Alex Jones on his Infowars network or, for that matter, paying attention to some of the things put out there by Marjorie Taylor Greene. And if you think she’s crazy, you didn’t listen to any of the speeches made in the Pennsylvania GOP Senate primary by Mehmet Oz. He’s the heart surgeon who sells a pill to cure erectile dysfunction on his website in case you didn’t know. And it goes without saying, of course, that Alex Jones sells this crap on his website along with a conspiracy theory which claims that attacking the ‘alpha male’ is just another way for the globalists to reduce the importance and political leadership of men.

This whole conspiracy thing in politics started under FDR, and the idea that FDR knew but hid the possibility of a Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor still floats around. Is that any different from Trump claiming in 2015 that he saw ‘thousands’ of people cheering in New Jersey after the Twin Towers attack?

You don’t need to worry about facts to promote a conspiracy theory. All you need is to identify an audience that will consider you to be believable, no matter what you say. Remember when that idiot Kellyanne Conway got up in front of the White House press corps and defended the use of ‘alternative facts?’

Jones got into the political mainstream when Trump did an Infowars interview in December 2015 and he has tirelessly promoted Trump ever since. Now it appears that he may have been directly involved in the January 6th planning and may even be forced to come before the Select Committee to answer questions about his role.

Jones became a big digital player when he began promoting the idea that Sandy Hook was a government charade. But in the same way that everyone’s getting fed up with Orange Shithead, they seem to be getting tired of Alex Jones as well. According to the latest data, daily traffic to the Infowars website is now one-quarter of what it used to be, which is quite a negative hit.

With all the talk about how Trump still has a ‘hold’ over 2024, there seems to be some kind of collective amnesia floating around POS/GOP-land because everyone seems to have forgotten how he got his ass kicked by Joe in 2020, up to and including the moment when Joe told him to ‘shut up’ during their first debate.

I’m not saying the Congress will still be blue after the votes are tallied up on November 8th. What I am saying is that what’s happening to Alex Jones right now might be what will happen in November if Trump and his gang don’t begin to at least put some space between themselves and the hard-core, alt-right.

Which may (I hope) be too much to ask.

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