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Will Trump Make the GOP the Majority Party?

              The problem with a two-party democratic system is every time there’s an election, either you win, or you lose. And if your party loses control of either Congressional chamber, if you happen to be a member of the losing party even if you retain your own seat, you’re dogshit until the next election, or what Grandpa would say ‘fartig,’ (read: finished.)

              This past weekend, Congress finished up the usual squabbling over the budget and sent Joe a budget deal which got the vote of every member of the Democrat(ic) caucus in both houses which was enough, along with a couple of GOP members in the House (including Marjorie Taylor Greene) to get the whole thing done.

              Even Trump kept his goddamn mouth shut on this one because if you’re the minority party and you get blamed for keeping all the doors of those federal office buildings shut, there’s a good chance you’ll be the dogshit party for at least the next two years.

              We have the largest percentage of our national workforce on government payrolls of any advanced country, including all those so-called ‘socialist’ countries in the OECD. Know what’s the number one job category in California? Try school bus driver, and don’t think the money to pay those men and women who pick up the little darlings and routinely hold up traffic during the morning rush hour comes from some local government stash.

              The money comes from the feds and it’s called revenue-sharing, which was a fiscal invention of a Republican President named Richard Nixon to disguise federal welfare funds as some kind of budget item to repair the roads.

              Trump must be laughing up his sleeve every time that CNN or one of the other Fake News media programs holds a panel discussion with all those GOP members who are shocked about how the former President and now the putative 2024 GOP nominee keeps referring to the January 6th shitfaces sitting in jail as ‘hostages’ and how he will pardon those ‘patriots’ the moment he gets back into the Oval Office on January 20, 2025.

              Wouldn’t it be perfect if Trump wins the election, takes the Oath in front of the same building where the January 6th riot occurred and then announces a Presidential pardon for all the rioters during his inaugural address?

              On the other hand, if Joe gets re-elected and the Democrats don’t lose any elections in the Senate and pick up a handful of seats in the House, then the GOP goes back to being dogshit for the next two years.

              You probably aren’t old enough to remember the 1964 election, but it resulted not only in a landslide victory for LBJ over Goldwater, but also gave the Democrats a two-thirds majority in both the Senate and the House.

              What the Democrats didn’t notice, however, was that this election also saw the emergence of the GOP in the South, with Republicans winning House seats in Georgia for the first time since 1874 and in Mississippi and Alabama since 1876.

              The GOP continued to increase its Southern base in 1968 and 1972, thanks to Nixon’s promise to ‘go slow’ on enforcing civil rights. It took the GOP nearly 40 years to once again win total control of Congress, and since 1996 the two parties have flipped control back and forth more or less the same number of years.

              Will it make any real difference if Trump wins the election in November but either the Senate or the House or both chambers go blue? It certainly didn’t make any real difference the last time Trump was in the Oval Office, although his term didn’t coincide with the kind of warfare going on right now in Gaza and Ukraine.

              But as heartless as it may sound, even if the IDF bombards Gaza into smithereens and Putin somehow manages to salvage some kind of military stalemate in Ukraine, will either or both of those situations change my life in any significant or insignificant way?

              Trump or no Trump, I’ll still be paying four bucks for my morning coffee at Panera. I’ll still be trying to hit my 3-wood more than 200 yards down the 10th fairway at my club. I’ll still remember to take my metformin every morning which keeps my A1C at 5.6.

              The United States can easily afford to maintain a political system which doesn’t require the slightest amount of compromise or coalition-building at all because the only people who suffer in this country or on the borders of this country are the same people who have been suffering all along.

              What’s so bad about a little bit of suffering which has nothing to do with you or me?










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