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You Live in a Third World Country and the FBI's Coming After You!

Remember back in 2016 when the news broke that Hillary had a mail server in her home which was receiving government emails that might have contained classified stuff? That’s when Trump began leading ‘put her in jail’ chants at every rally and that’s when Hillary’s Presidential campaign started going off the rails.

Nobody could defend her, nobody wanted to defend her, and she couldn’t figure out how to defend herself for more than four months after the story broke, by which time her silence became the centerpiece of Trump’s campaign.

Let’s refer to that issue as Chappaqua-gate. Now we have a new issue with government documents sitting in someone’s house which we’ll call Mar-a-Lago-gate.

Except the difference between what happened to Hillary in 2016 and what happened yesterday after the FBI showed up to do a search of Trump’s office at his Florida home, was that this time the POS/GOP noise machine was immediately revved up and started to defend Trump all over the place.

One of the first defenders of Orange Shithead out of the gate was his daughter-in-law, who got booked onto Fucker Carlson’s show and stated that OS had the ‘authority’ to keep classified documents in his home. Where she got that authority from is anyone’s guess since keeping classified materials in a private residence happens to be a violation of the Presidential Records Act, which was passed after the first ‘gate’ scandal, i.e., the Watergate.

I love how the Mar-a-Lago-gate script being used by OS and everyone else makes a point of saying that everyone is ‘fully cooperating’ with the investigation which sent the FBI team into Mar-a-Lago last night. What are they going to say? That they’re not cooperating?

Remember when the news hit back in 2008 that a New York investment guy named Bernie Madoff was charged with stealing billions from more than 4,000 customers who had invested money in his firm. His attorney also immediately said that his client was ‘fully cooperating’ with the authorities, as if this made any difference to the people who lost all their dough.

So now Trump is ‘fully cooperating,’ although he has issued a statement on his unwatched Truth Social that mentioned both Hillary’s emails and the Watergate break-in as examples of how America has now become just another broken Third World country. Well, at least we haven’t yet become a shithole.

It’s also been learned and no doubt leaked to the Fake News by the Orange Shithead gang, that the Florida magistrate who signed the warrant to allow the FBI to search Mar-a-Lago is a former Federal prosecutor who quit his federal job to represent some of Jeffrey Epstein’s former employees after the New York sex fiend (I don’t know what else to call him) was charged with trafficking young girls.

Obviously, this judge is also corrupt and must be in cahoots with the Deep State operatives who now control the FBI.

Think I’m kidding? Marjorie Taylor Greene has already sent out a tweet: “DEFUND THE FBI.”

I know about the First Amendment, freedom of speech and all that other stuff. But all the social media companies – Facebook Twitter, Instagram - which are used to spread the stupid diatribes of tantric-sex workers like MTG happen to be private concerns. These outfits exist to make a profit in the private media market so First Amendment protections don’t apply to them.

If Bernie or Alex Ocasio-Ortiz want to do something to make the political system more responsive beyond just getting their own names mentioned on the internet every day, why don’t they sponsor a bill that would effectively prohibit political candidates, political officeholders, and former officeholders (e.g., OS) from using social media to promote themselves or spread their stupid ideas.

For that matter, such a law might also prohibit political wannabees or political officeholders from showing up on CNN or FOX to shoot their mouths off about whatever their pollster tells them is the hot topic for today.

I’m obviously talking somewhat tongue in cheek but there has to be some limits which we place on ourselves for absorbing so much crap.

In that respect, Donald Trump and his PR firm have never set any limits on themselves.

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