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Another Trump Scam: What Else Is New?

              What is it about Donald Trump which makes him a magnet for every low-life, scumbag scamster who comes up with a new way to make a buck by fucking over someone else?

              The latest perpetrator of the get-rich-quick-by-connecting-to-Donald-Trump is a guy named Michael Shvartsman, who with his brother Gerald, made over $20 million on insider trading involving the merger of two companies which raised the money to launch Trump’s Truth Social website back in 2021.

              Somehow, these guys knew enough about the upcoming deal to amass shares in the shell company, Digital World, which raised over $300 million in its public offering and then merged with the company which owns Truth Social, a merger which was completed last week.

              You should know incidentally, that Michael Shvartsman has a company called Rocket One Capital, and is described on the company’s website as “a true visionary, while his dedication to philanthropy underscores his belief in leveraging technology for the betterment of society.”

              Even if you had no business connection at all to this guy Shvartsman, if you read the sentence that I just pulled off his website, you would have to assume that he was a scumbag and rip-off artist par excellence. Which is what the Federal Attorney in the Southern District concluded after a two-year investigation and why Shvartsman and his brother are on their way to jail.

              Here’s the official statement from the Southern District: “Michael and Gerald Shvartsman admitted in court that they received confidential, inside information about an upcoming merger between DWAC and Trump Media and used that information to make profitable, but illegal, open-market trades.  Insider trading is cheating, plain and simple, and today’s convictions should remind anyone who may be tempted to corrupt the integrity of the stock market that it will earn them a ticket to prison.”

              Evidently, the Shvartsman brothers were tipped off about the impending merger by another scamster named Bruce Garelick, who was a Board Member of the company that merged with Trump’s Media and Technology Group (owner of Truth Social), and he goes on trial next month.

              And of course, in the middle of this mess as is common in just about all of Trump’s financial dealings, we have a Russian, Anton Postolnikov, whose uncle is a buddy of Vlady Putin. He owns an offshore piggy bank called Paxum Bank, which lent Trump’s media company the money it needed to stay afloat while the merger was on hold during the investigation of the Shvartsman scam.

              Paxum Bank, you should know, is primarily known for financing pornography productions and operations, another business area in which Trump has been involved over the years, and where more details will soon become available in the Stormy Daniels hush money trial which is scheduled to begin in New York on April 15.

              I’m telling you, when it comes to scams and shady Russians (read: Parnas, Fruman and Giuliani) the dance with Trump just goes on and on. In this particular instance, there doesn’t seem to be any direct connection between Trump and the Shvartsman boys, but somehow, don’t ask me how, everything that Trump touches seems to give off a stench which has shysters circling around the way a dog circles around a tree.

              No wonder the media prefers Trump over Joe. It’s always a better story, right?



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