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Are The Oath Keepers Such a Threat?

As far as I’m concerned, they can take that entire bunch who ran up the steps of the Capitol on January 6th, particularly the ones who assaulted cops, and stick them in the Colorado Super Max for the next ten years. I’m very pro-cop and very pro-government. These idiots attacked both and they can all, to quote Grandpa, ‘chub en drerd’ (read: stick it up their ass.)

Be that as it may, I just read the entire indictment handed down last week against Elmer Rhodes and other members of the Oath Keepers and I found much of it to be directed against a group whose biggest mistake is that they don’t know how to keep their friggin’ mouths shut. You can download the indictment right here.

Much of the ‘evidence’ amassed in the indictment consists of statements, either texts or emails, between members of the Oath Keepers group, as they prepared for their great moment on January 6th. It is alleged, among other things, that they brought all kinds of guns and ammunition with them, which they stashed in various locations around D.C.

Rhodes himself is accused of spending more than $18,000 on assault rifles, night-vision equipment and assorted ‘firearms parts’ as he drove from Texas to the rally, even though he showed up at the Capitol steps completely unarmed.

There’s a website out there, Distributed Denial of Secrets, which does what Julian Assange did but in reverse, namely, publishing sensitive communications that will damage the credibility and organizational efforts of right-wing groups. You can find more than 5 gigabytes of leaked content from the Oath Keepers on their website and having glanced through some of the emails and chat logs, all I can say is that if this bunch constitutes any kind of ‘threat’ to the American government, then the American government is about as safe and unthreatened as any government could be.

But wait a minute, you say. If groups like the Oath Keepers are so far away from representing any kind of threat, how do you account for what happened at the Capitol on January 6th?

I can account for the threat to the government’s existence on January 6th by mentioning two words: Tiananmen Square. Remember what happened at Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989? The government sent tanks and troops into the area and physically crushed a civil rights demonstration which left thousands dead and wounded at the end of the day.

Not five dead and maybe one hundred injured, which was the toll on January 6th. Thousands dead and wounded, okay? And by the way, in 1989, martial law was declared by the Chinese government, an option that was bandied about at the White House in the same way that every government response to every issue was bandied about at the White House during Trump’s four years.

Yesterday, Trump held a rally in Arizona which attracted a good-sized crowd. He referred to the January 6th rioters as being ‘persecuted’ just for exercising their ‘freedom of speech.’

I hope that Trump holds at least one rally every week for the rest of this year. I hope he defends the Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys, the Three Percenters and all the other putzes who ran up the Capitol steps to defend their Constitutional ‘rights.’

I also hope that Trump keeps ratcheting up what has now become a blatant and the most crude appeal to racism based on the idea that if you want to be treated for Covid-19 and you’re White, you go to the ‘back of the line.’

I’m hoping that Trump will continue to talk like a complete asshole because I am convinced that Joe and Kamala pulled out more than 81 million votes last year precisely because he pissed off so many people with his malicious and unfounded claims about election ‘fraud.’ And if Trump adds a healthy dose of racism to his message, he will bring out even more voters for the other side.

Joe put it best when he said that if someone wanted to ‘take on’ the American government, they’d better show up with their F-15’s. He was referring to the dumb bunch that shlepped around the Wisconsin State House with their assault rifles, no doubt practicing for their January 6th run-up of the Capitol steps.

Want to talk about a real, honest-to-goodness threat which seems to be on its way out? The mortality rate from the ‘kung flu’ has just dropped below 1.5 percent, and it’s probably substantially lower because the reporting on deaths is much more precise than the reports of infections, particularly because they can’t count what is an increasing number of tests being done at home.

This good news won’t be shared by the Oath Keepers because they believe the Covid-19 virus is an invention by King Fauci to deprive Americans of their Constitutional ‘rights.’

Know what? I’m sick of the internet and you should be sick of it too.

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Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams
16. Jan. 2022

Yes, the Speaker of the House along with the DC Mayor refused any Federal law enforcement help to the January 6th protest/riot. Trumps offered to send 10,000 National Guardsmen to protect the Capitol which just may have created a Tiananmen Square here in the U.S. And as for that white woman who was shot and killed by the Black Capitol police officer because, as he said "couldn't see her hands" was just another example of how our government protected the People's House. I too am very pro-government as long as we have liberals serving and protecting our needs.

DC Mayor Refused Any Federal Law Enforcement Help Prior to Protests (

Remember to send money to the Re-elect Biden campaign!

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