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Can the Select Committee Tie Trump to January 6th?

Before most of my readers were born, I went down to D.C. to attend a rally against the Viet Nam war. First, we marched around the White House to piss off Nixon, then we walked across the 14th Street Bridge to listen to some speeches in front of the Pentagon. Then we went home.

The next day, Nixon announced that he wasn’t interested in the protests because the only reason we had come to D.C. was because the Communists had paid us to show up.

How did he know this? Because J. Edgar Hoover told him that the entire anti-war movement was directed from Moscow. That was a fact.

Yesterday I watched the Select Committee hearing and I got the feeling that our side was now trying to concoct a story to explain a political demonstration that simply wasn’t true.

The event in question, of course, is the January 6th riot and the explanation for why it occurred is that it was planned and directed by Donald Trump.

As much as I’d like to see Orange Shithead (OS) take it up the ass, I’m still waiting for the Select Committee to present any evidence – personal testimony, emails, memos – which show that Trump did anything to get a crowd to show up in D.C.

Putting up a tweet asking people to show up for a rally doesn’t make you responsible for whether they do show up or how they behave after they arrive. Getting up in front of the crowd and saying that they need to march down to the Capitol to ‘take America back’ isn’t forcing or making anyone walk down Pennsylvania Avenue at all.

Much of yesterday’s testimony covered a meeting that was held in the White House on December 18, when some of the real assholes like Giuliani, Flynn and the craziest of all, Sidney Powell, showed up and spent hours telling Trump that he needed to continue promoting the election ‘fraud’ nonsense, even though everyone knew that there hadn’t been any real fraud at all.

It’s all fine and well that the Attorney General Bill Barr knew the whole election ‘fraud’ message was a fraud and that shitheads like Giuliani, Flynn and Powell had been getting up before legislative committees and judges and saying things they knew weren’t true.

When did Barr resign because the stench was becoming too great? On December 23rd, after the meeting on December 18th. Wow. Talk about waiting until the very last second before you finally can’t continue to believe ‘alternate facts.’

I knew that Trump was a complete and total piece of shit when he said there were some ‘good people on both sides’ after the Nazis marched through Charlottesville in 2017. He later condemned the Nazis but made a point of also saying something nasty about protestors from our side.

You don’t go to work for someone who equates the Nazi swastika with Antifa t-shirts or logos, okay? There’s simply no equivalent category between Nazis and anyone else. And if you think I’m impressed because all of a sudden some of the people who worked in the White House after Trump was inaugurated now have decided that maybe they did the wrong thing, I’m not impressed by them at all.

And by the way, Bennie Thompson could also stop applauding some of these last-minute turncoats like Jason Van Tatenhove, who was the Oath Keepers PR guy, and yesterday told the Committee why he quit the group in 2016. The witness claimed he decided to cut ties with the Oath Keepers when he heard several of them saying they knew that the Holocaust never took place.

He needed to hear something that stupid to figure out what was going on? Oh well, I guess Auschwitz and Treblinka just don’t make the grade as alternate facts.

The most interesting point of the entire hearing yesterday was Van Tatenhove’s testimony when he claimed that the reason the Oath Keepers supported Trump was, they were hoping to be recognized as a ‘legitimate militia security force.’

In other words, these diehard anti-government libertarians were trying to get the government to cover the costs of their pizza and beer. And Bennie Thompson thanks this creep for showing up?

Are we ever going to hear about anything Trump did to organize January 6th besides shooting off his mouth? Haven’t heard it yet.

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