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Does Joe Need to Worry About Those Lousy Polls?

Last week Joe finally got some good news when his poll numbers inched up instead of going down. Now, they didn’t go up by all that much and he’s still barely hitting 50 percent, but at least he’s got something to talk about as we head into the mid-terms.

On the other hand, once again the Fake News media has managed to mangle rather than explain what the polls really show, because it’s not as if someone who is disappointed in Joe’s performance is going to turn around and vote GOP.

I remember back in Obama’s first term that Rush spent every day crowing about how 60 percent of Americans didn’t like the ACA. Except what Rush never bothered to mention was that half the folks who didn’t like the ACA were against it because – ready? – it didn’t go far enough.

Despite all the bullshit coming from the GOP and their hirelings like Rush, a majority of Americans weren’t against government-mandated medical care - remember Sarah Palin’s ‘death panels?’ In fact, what the polls really showed was that a majority of Americans didn’t think that when it came to the government controlling health care, that Obama’s ACA should have gone further than it did.

Which is exactly what’s happening now with the polls that allegedly show a majority of Americans not supporting Joe. In fact, the latest Quinnipiac poll has 79% of registered Democrats supportin Joe and 91% of registered Republicans disapproving of his performance so far. Meanwhile, although party preference tends to follow Presidential popularity, Gallup finds that even with Joe’s lousy numbers, the Democrats still hold a slight lead.

What none of the polls can show, of course, is how Joe would match up against any or all GOP Presidential candidates in 2024. And when all is said and done, that’s the only poll which realty counts. Because even if the 2022 results favor the GOP, the red team won’t have the Congressional votes to override a Biden veto, so who really cares?

I love how Kevin McCarthy says that the GOP will have subpoena power when they take back the House Judiciary Committee in 2023. Last Thursday, Michael Flynn appeared before the January 6th Committee after receiving a subpoena and on the ‘advice of counsel’ didn’t say one word.

Frankly, I wouldn’t mind if the GOP wins a majority in the Senate or the House because, if nothing else, we’ll get a lot more really funny commentary from the Fake News. Just imagine a press conference featuring Josh Hawley, Senator from Missouri and Madison Cawthorn, who represents North Carolina’s 11th C.D.

Hawley can make a pitch to sell the coffee cups with his clenched fist logo, which happens to be a left-wing political gesture, by the way. And Cawthorn can explain again why he believes that Zelensky is a ‘thug.’

And when the Fake News gets bored with those two schmucks, they can always ask Lauren Boebert to show up with her AR-15 or Marjorie Taylor Greene to lecture the media on the joys of tantric sex. And before I forget, maybe the House of Representatives can begin every daily session with an invocation posted by Ron Watkins on his QAnon site.

We also should consider what will go on in the Senate if it turns red. You can get a preview by watching today’s press conference featuring Ted Cruz and members of the People’s Convoy, the trucker schmucks who drove across the country to protest mask mandates and arrived outside of D.C. just as the last state, Hawaii, dropped its mask mandate.

Maybe Cruz can ask the truckers what happened to the $2 million that has been donated to the group but somehow has disappeared, along with the guy who runs the non-profit which collected the dough and also seems to have left town.

What really frustrates me about the People’s Convoy is they don’t have an online store where I can buy a coffee mug or a t-shirt to add to my collection of Trump 2020 and 2024 flags.

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Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams
12 mar 2022

I was one of those who felt that the ACA didn't go far enough. I've seen the government run health care system for the native Americans as well as our military veterans. This is exactly what we need, a government run health care system for all Americans.

And for those poles, who believes them? No one.

If the GOP takes both houses, there will be no change. The GOP is not organized and do not stick together like liberals.

I'm just grateful that we have our President to get Ukraine out of the war with Russia. We have people like Robert Gates, former defense secretary in the Obama administration, once put it, Biden has "been wrong on nearly every majo…

Me gusta
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