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Go MAGA, Go!!

So last week two of the remaining MAGA stalwarts came into a courtroom to tell everyone how much they understood and appreciated the efforts of the January 6th mob to keep American democracy pure and safe.

I’m referring first of all to Marjorie Taylor Greene, who was defending herself against a lawsuit by a bunch of liberal busybodies trying to get her knocked off the ballot by using a Constitutional rule passed after the Civil War which says that nobody who wants to be an elected official can advocate insurrection against the government of the United States.

And sitting in the courtroom was her good buddy, Matt Gaetz, who has his own problems with allegedly playing around with a 17-year old girl which could get him indicted on a sex-trafficking charge.

Last year these two put together a national speaking tour to raise money for promoting themselves through a PAC called Put America First. The tour kicked off in May and by October the PAC was flat broke.

Greene and Gaetz aren’t the only two GOP members who are so far away from reality. How about Madison Cawthorn, the GOP rep from North Carolina who got caught yesterday in Charlotte’s airport bringing a gun onto a plane? Then there’s Lauren Boebert from Colorado who is sponsoring a bill to stop Homeland Security from making it easier for transgender people to get through airport screening in order to board planes.

And let’s not forget Josh Hawley, who saluted the January 6th rioters with a clenched fist and now sells a picture of himself doing that salute on his website. I’m sure he’s copyrighted the coffee cup which displays him acting like a complete and total jerk.

There must be a dozen or so members of the GOP Senate and House caucuses who could be lumped together into the MAGA pot. Not only don’t I want them to disappear, but I hope that if the GOP wins both or either chamber later this year, that all of these schmucks will be given important legislative committee assignments that will keep them in front of the media until 2024.

Then if we’re really lucky, the GOP will nominate Trump to run again in 2024, and every time he shows up at some airport for a rally, he’ll have Gaetz and Greene and Gohmert and Cawthorn and a few other MAGA members of Congress alongside.

Know what will happen if my dream comes true? Trump will be the only person in the history of this country to lose not one, not two, but three national popular votes. And he’ll lose the third vote in 2024 by an even greater margin than he lost the popular vote in 2020.

Trump didn’t win 2016, she lost. Trump didn’t win in 2020, he got his ass kicked in. And the only reason that anyone out there believes that Trump can ‘win’ a third time is because my friends in the Fake News media keep talking about him as if there’s the slightest chance he can get back into the Oval Office again.

Every rally he has held in 2022 has attracted a fraction of the crowd that a rally at the same location attracted in 2020 or 2016. And his fundraising emails have become so shrill and so vulgar that even a phrase like ‘Communist-Democrats’ which is how he now routinely refers to the blue team, have lost their appeal.

I received an email the other day from someone who chastised me for promoting the idea that the GOP should win the off-year election because, according to this writer, once they were back in power even for only two years, they would ‘undo’ all the good things that Joe and the Democratic majorities in the Senate and House have done.

They will? Exactly what did the GOP accomplish between 2016 and 2018 when they owned both the Hill and the White House? They passed a tax bill which had been sitting on McConnell’s desk for eight years and that was it.

Do you really believe that a bunch of incompetent MAGA shitheads like Greene, Gaetz and the rest of them could ever get anything done? Give me a break, okay?

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