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Here Comes Another 'Fixed' Election.

I have seen different polls on this subject, but the bottom line is that a lot of Republican voters still believe that the 2020 election results were based on fraud. Now of course if I were a Republican, the fact that my guy lost and the other guy won would be reason enough for me to tell a pollster that the election shouldn’t count.

It’s kind of like asking voters whether they believe that they are paying too much in taxes. What person would answer that question with a ‘no?’

The problem with all this attention to the so-called vote ‘fraud’ is that I don’t recall this question being asked in previous years, and for all I know, the losing voters in every election would say that the results were ‘fixed.’

When I lived in New York City, I spent more than a few afternoons at the flats, which means Aqueduct and Belmont Racetracks. I never went to the track in Yonkers because those were trotters, not thoroughbreds, and everyone knew that the trots were ‘fixed.’

How did we know that? We knew it the same way that people know that elections are ‘fixed.’ You don’t cash in your daily double ticket for big bucks? The race was fixed.

Which brings up an interesting question about the election on November 8th which is this: If I am a Republican and I believe that the election result will again be fraudulent, why would I bother to vote? Isn’t it a little crazy for a GOP candidate like Kari Lake who promotes the idea that you can’t trust the results of 2020 to be telling voters to show up to vote in another election which might also be fixed?

If anything, there would be a lot more pressure on our elected officials to either validate or discard election results if a GOP candidate for Senate from some swing state like Pennsylvania got no votes at all. How do you claim that an election represents the ‘will of the people’ when one of the two parties on the ballot receives no votes at all?

Th truth is that the GOP wants it both ways. They want to claim ‘foul’ when they lose the vote, but you don’t hear them saying anything has been ‘stolen’ from them when they win.

The funnier thing is when idiots like Kari Lake says she won’t ‘accept’ the results of next week’s election if she doesn’t win.

What’s she going to do if she loses next week? Set up another election in which she’s the only name on the ballot? Or better yet, announce that she’s not going to file a tax return because the election was so corrupt?

Everyone knows that with a few exceptions, elections in this country are ultimately determined by how a small group of ‘undecided’ or ‘swing’ voters choose their candidate from Column A or Column B.

In 2020, Joe’s popular vote margin over Trump was 4.45%. In none of the five states (AZ, GA, MI, PA, WI) that Joe flipped to win he race, was his vote margin even close to 4.45%. Meanwhile, in states which always vote red or blue, the winner typically received 60% of the statewide vote.

Joe is the President because 277,651 voters in five states voted blue instead of red. Together, these voters represented – ready? - .0017% of all the votes received by Joe and Trump.

That’s not one percent of the total votes. That’s one-tenth of one percent of the total votes.

Trump was elected in 2016 because he received 380,119 more votes than what’s-her-name received in those five same states. This total represented .0039% of all the votes cast for those two candidates in 2016.

That’s three-tenths of one percent of the total votes.

How come the Democrats didn’t claim that the 2016 election was rigged? In fact, you may recall that after he moved into the Oval Office, Trump briefly organized an effort to figure out how votes were stolen that deprived him of a majority of the popular vote.

Why didn’t Trump make a big deal out of all those ‘fraudulent’ votes in 2016? Because he won.

And if the blue team manages to hold onto either the Senate or the House next week, we’ll get two more years of Trump yelling about how the vote was ‘fixed’ again.

If that’s the only thing we need to worry about, the country’s doing fine.

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