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If MAGA Can't Save America, Maybe Christian Anarchism Can.

You know, I never thought things would get to the point that the Fake Media would be talking about Joe as a bigger threat than Trump, but it’s beginning to occur. I have to assume this is because no matter how many classified documents turn out to have been sitting in some cardboard box at Mar-a-Lago, Trump and stories about Trump have just become a bore.

You know Trump’s finished when he schedules a rally in Ohio on the same day and at the same time as an Ohio State football game. Trump’s going to wind up like some kind of headless horseman, roaming around forever and ever being seen from time to time by a small but ardent band of fans.

Biden, on the other hand, represents the real threat, which isn’t the semi-Fascism of MAGA, but what the late Sheldon Wolin called ‘inverted totalitarianism,’ which despite its highfalutin name is really nothing more than an attempt to stand Marx on his head and come up with some kind of class-based critique of capitalism which anti-Communist liberals can embrace.

The latest manifestation of this silliness is a rant by Chris Hedges, an ordained minister who has helped put together what Grandpa would call an ‘efsher’ (read: nothing) movement known as Christian anarchism, which appears to be a response to something called Christian nationalism, which appears to be a media-driven concoction of the alt-right.

Who’s one of the self-proclaimed leaders of the Christian nationalists? None other than Marjorie Taylor Greene who says she’s not worried about the ‘culture war’ because we are engaged in something she calls the ‘spiritual war,’ whatever the f**k that means.

As for the Christian anarchists, Wolin can’t lead the group because he’s dead. But his collaborator, Chris Hedges, who has held a variety of academic and journalism gigs, has just published a piece which claims to follow from Wolin’s ideas about ‘inverted totalitarianism’ which, according to Hedges, has now destroyed American democracy.

And who are the chief practitioners of this newfangled type of totalitarianism, which uses the ‘façade’ of democratic institutions like the Constitution to disguise the degree to which the ruling class has stripped the ordinary citizen of economic and political power and brings the brutal militarism we impose abroad to threaten the population at home?

Here’s how Hedges describes the current situation: “Social services, from education to health care, are anemic, nonexistent, or privatized to gouge the impoverished. Further ravaged by 8.5 percent inflation, wages have decelerated sharply since 1979. Jobs often do not offer benefits or security.”

Sounds like one of Trump’s rally rants, doesn’t it? It should, because here’s what Hedges has to say about the blue team: “The Democratic Party, especially under Bill Clinton, moved steadily to the right until it became largely indistinguishable from the establishment Republican Party to which it is now allied. Donald Trump, and the 74 million people who voted for him in 2020, were the result.

Hedges goes on and on with his verbal assaults against the Democrats who are no better than Trump and not only worked with Trump after 2016 but would willingly acquiesce and work with him again in 2024.

But guess what? If you bother to read all the way to the last paragraph of this media-mongering rant, what you end up with is nothing more than just another attempt to promote Bernie Sanders as the guy who can make everything the way it should be.

That’s right. Bern is no longer just a Socialist, he’s also become the standard bearer for the Christian anarchists, who will no doubt try to change one of what Grandpa would call their ‘facockta’ (read: stupid-silly) websites into some kind of political group that will use Bernie’s email list to raise funds.

Because that’s what all these breakaway groups do on the Right and the Left. You think there would be a MAGA if the internet couldn’t be used to send out daily money requests?

Steve Bannon just got indicted for using the internet as a fundraising scam. Put the GOP back into the White House in 2024 and let’s see if some Christian anarchist group hits the third rail.

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