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Impeach Trump? Yes! Impeach Mayorkas? No!

              Last night I watched the GOP fail to get enough votes to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas, and if my friends in the Democrat(ic) Party don’t kick those dipshits in the ass come November, I’ll still always be a Democrat(ic) voter, but the blue team can kiss the money I give them every year goodbye.

              And I don’t kick in just a couple of thou every year, okay?

              I’m not trying to impress anyone with the amount of my annual political donations, I’m really not because there are plenty of people out there – thanks God – who write bigger checks than I write to the DNC.

              I’m just trying to make you understand that the so-called Republic(an) Party has become the absolute worst collection of nincompoops and street-corner blowhards that even Leonard Mermelstein could take them on in a fair fight. Leonard Mermelstein happens to be my cat.

              I love how the Fake Media keeps ramping up the fearsome idea that Trump is going to head the GOP ticket which will threaten to completely undo the democrat(ic) system if he wins.

              If Trump wins? If Trump’s even around in November is something to fear?

              Are you serious?

              This morning, I was listening to the AM shock jock who gets his daily feed of approved topics from the RNC, and he was going on about how Joe needed a special ramp to get himself up from the tarmac to the entrance of Air Force One because otherwise he’ll slip and fall going up the stairs.

              Ronald Reagan was 81 years old when he was sworn in for the second time in 1985. I don’t recall anyone making a bid deal out of his age the way that the GOP has been attacking Joe this time around.

              You would think, by the way, that going after Mayorkas would at least provide the GOP with some talking points about so-called ‘illegal’ immigration, but they couldn’t even get that one done.

              What’s next on their agenda?

              The truth is that the GOP has never had a domestic agenda except cutting income taxes which drives up the deficit, but the deficit is only an issue when the Democrats are in charge. During Trump’s term, the deficit increased by some $8 trillion, the largest one-term deficit increase of all time.

              But the GOP only raised concerns about deficit spending when Joe took over and pushed through two spending bills which together raised the deficit some 9%, as opposed to the 40% increase under Trump.

              Know why the GOP gets away with such bullshit and why even after their collapse last night they’ll continue to be the recipients of what is referred to as ‘balanced’ news? Because the Fake News doesn’t relish the idea of promoting its basic liberal approach too far, if only to occasionally give themselves a heads-up over Fox.

              In a funny kind of way I’d like to see Trump back in  the White House if only because at least we would once again be treated to his version of managing the Executive branch which basically means selling MAGA t-shirts and flags at rallies which he will continue to hold between trips to his golf courses, assuming that after his company is out of business in New York State, that he still will be operating any of the gold courses he operates right now.

              It turns out that if Judge Engeron really throws the book at Trump and forbids him to operate his current management company in New York State, this company also manages the Trump golf courses no matter where they are found.

              I’d give anything to see Trump’s Briarcliff Manor golf course become a municipal course. I played it before Trump bought it and spruced it up, and the views of the Hudson River were much more exciting than the layout of the course itself.

              All that being said, I suspect that the GOP election narrative will, if anything, become more vitriolic, nastier, and more offensive as the campaign rolls along. After all, how do you explain that your candidate who’s been charged with more than 90 felonies but has never done anything wrong?

              Maybe after Trump ducks the debates with Joe (which I suspect is an idea being seriously tossed around by the Trump campaign) the GOP can try another impeachment, maybe this time they’ll go after Commander Biden, who happens to be Joe’s dog.


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