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So What If Trump Won New Hampshire?

              I hate to say it, but if you want to know what’s going on politically in this country, my advice is to stay away from the Fake News media because their coverage of the current political situation has become disgracefully inept, to the point that what they are saying simply doesn’t reflect reality at all.

              And given that we are now in the primary season big-time, the Fake News can devote itself to political coverage on a continuous and complete basis, regardless of whether anything they say can be even remotely considered to be true.

              Want an example? One of the Fake News outlets was talking about the ‘importance’ of Trump winning the New Hampshire primary because New Hampshire is a ‘swing’ state. So, Trump’s victory gives him an opportunity to pick up the whole, big 4 electoral votes that come in from this ‘swing’ state.

              Think about that! If Trump wins the New Hampshire vote in November, he won’t even have to send four fake electors to Washington for the meeting of the Electoral College, okay?

              Now, maybe I’m wrong, but I thought that a ‘swing’ state is a state where the statewide vote swings back and forth from one party to the other every four years. Did I miss something here?

              I must have missed something because the last time that a Republic(an) candidate for President picked up New Hampshire’s 4 electoral votes was in 2000, when Bush beat Gore in New Hampshire by a whole big, 1.5% of the statewide vote.

              The last five Presidential elections resulted in the New Hampshire electoral votes going blue. Even as much as Hillary Clinton tried to dump the 2016 election, she still won New Hampshire by 3/10ths of 1 percent of the statewide vote.

              Back in the 1970’s and the 1980’s, New Hampshire used to vote red, even though just about every other state voted red when the GOP ticket was headed by Ronnie Boy. But the completion of I-93 took care of that because now you could work in Boston, live in the lovely New Hampshire countryside, and still get to work in 30 minutes or less.

              What happened to the southern part of New Hampshire is exactly what happened to Northern Virginia across the Potomac from Washington, D.C. – all those lawyers and other professionals who needed a back yard for their kids became Virginia residents and the state turned blue. Ditto New Hampshire.

              You would think that Trump’s ‘big’ victory this past Tuesday vaults him into an impregnable position not only for the GOP nomination but for the big deal on November 5th. Bull…shit!

              Back in mid-September, Trump was at 47% in the NH polls, DeSantis was at 10% and Haley had nothing. What was the big headline yesterday? That Trump received more votes than any Presidential candidate ever received in a New Hampshire primary.

              Remember how Trump went around telling everyone after the 2020 election that no incumbent President ever got more votes in another election than what he received? Here we go again. The way Trump describes an election becomes the way the Fake News describes it as well.

              Except there’s only one little problem. Trump’s final vote count was 17% higher than when the GOP primary field contained all those other guys (DeSantis, Ramaswamy, et. al.) who subsequently dropped out. Haley’s final total was seven fucking times higher than when the field counted seven different candidates instead of two.

              Does the NH result mean that Trump is still in the strongest position to head up the November GOP ballot? Of course it does. But right now, Haley needs to make up 30 points to catch Trump in South Carolina in a month, which is how much she gained in New Hampshire over the same period of time.

              Don’t get me wrong. I’m hoping that Trump heads the GOP ticket in November so that Joe can kick his fat ass again. But the issue here is whether Trump will be able to count on a compliantly adoring Fake News to help him retain his advantage over Haley both in South Carolina and beyond.

              In the initial sentence of this story, I referred to the Fake News as being ‘disgracefully inept’ in their coverage of political events. I was being polite.




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