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Steve Bannon Starts A New Scam.

Every once in a while, someone comes along who is such a good scammer that I find myself wondering about the ability of people to have any idea of what’s really going on around them. I’m thinking, for example, of Bernard Madoff who didn’t just scam some old widows out of the money that was left to them by their late husbands. He scammed the members of the Palm Beach Country Club, and you don’t get into the PBCC unless you have made enough money to know the difference between being scammed and not being scammed.

In that respect, I have to admit that Steve Bannon ranks up there with Madoff as a scammer, because he goes after people who have spent their entire professional lives working in politics and media, and yet they just don’t seem to understand when a guy like Bannon is scamming them not once, but again, and again, and again.

I’m not talking about that sleazy ‘finish building the wall’ nonsense. That scam was nothing more than selling phony door-to-door investment deals to people who didn’t know any better and were happy to fork over a few bucks to help keep America protected from those immigrant hordes.

On the other hand, when Bannon starts talking about ‘deconstructing’ the political state or uses some other verbiage swiped from Ayn Rand or Frederick Hayek to make himself sound like he’s putting together an entirely new and powerful political movement to keep us Christian and White, the liberal media should stop taking him seriously and simply stop talking to him at all.

I’m referring to his latest scam effort, a new organization called the Association of Republican Presidential Appointees (ARPA) which kicked off last week with a closed-door meeting in D.C. followed by a long interview that Bannon gave to NBC.

Allegedly the meeting attracted 200 former government employees who worked for Republican Presidential Administrations and are now sitting around in offices on K Street looking for jobs. Back in July, a political blog, Insider, published a list of 329 ex-staffers who worked for Trump, of whom less than 50 still held positions in government, with the rest either working or trying to work with law firms, lobbying groups, public-interest organizations and all the other outfits that Trump was going to get rid of when he demolished the Deep State. Remember that one?

I’m assuming that the meeting hosted by Bannon included a free lunch, if only because anyone who lays out some food platters from Get Plated or one of the other smart catering services can always drum up a crowd. Actually, the meeting was held at the Capitol Hill Club, which happens to be owned by the National Republican Club, a.k.a., the RNC.

The website of this new organization reads like a typical, high-flown advertisement for getting the best and the brightest Republican minds together who will then help staff the next GOP Presidential Administration which, according to Bannon, will appear for sure in 2024. In Bannon’s interview with NBC, he stressed the fact that Trump was never able to fill enough positions throughout the Executive Branch to push through the MAGA agenda before things started to become unhinged.

Bannon went on to say that ARPA will be the vehicle for ‘deconstructing’ the liberal state and replacing it with a government apparatus which will fulfill all the MAGA programs and goals.

“We’re going to have MAGA policies, not the standard Republican policies,” Bannon said.

Know what this is? It’s an employment agency and I can guarantee you that as soon as enough people actually join, all the members will have to kick in some cash in order to make a place for themselves in the MAGA-led government that will emerge after 2024.

And if by some crazy chance the GOP doesn’t take back the White House in 2024, you can bet that Steve Bannon will deal with the problem by increasing ARPA dues.

And not only will the putzes who are ARPA members shell out even more bucks to start preparing for a MAGA victory in 2028, but when the IRS audits ARPA and declares that Bannon has committed yet another scam, there’s a good chance that the pendulum will have swung back towards the Right, another Republican will become President and Bannon will get off the hook again.

Because the truth is that the only thing that scammers like Bannon know how to do is scam. And they get away with it because when they are interviewed by the fake news media, they don’t have to respond to even one, serious question at all.

Remember something called Trump University. It was called a ‘massive scam,’ and this description wasn’t how it was described by the fake news or the liberal media. It was the title of an article about this phony deal published in National Review.

When did Trump pay $25 million to settle two class-action suits against this scam operation as well as a suit for deceptive business practices brought by New York State? Two weeks after he was elected President of the United States in November 2016.

And you think that Steve Bannon will ever stop trying to scam?

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