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The GOP Keeps Going Backwards.

Lately, I have been writing about how the GOP has nothing to say that will give them a leg up for 2024. There’s no recession, there are no American troops in harms’ way anywhere, and going after the anti-trans vote is about as exciting as figuring out who’s going to indict Trump next, i.e., it’s just old news.

But what does seem to be grabbing a bit of attention is a new narrative that can be explored by the MAGA wannabees in the GOP, although it’s actually a narrative which in this country came and went about a century ago.

I’m talking about anti-Semitism, which like everything else the GOP noisemakers trot out, is slightly diffused and camouflaged to keep the hate and the anger it represents within some degree of normalcy.

The guy holding the poster outside of a Congressional hearing in New York City wanted to make sure you knew he was talking not just about George Soros but was also talking about Jews. His approach was somewhat more obvious than what a schmuck like Matt Gaetz was saying inside the hearing room when he denounced the ‘Soros-ization’ of the criminal justice system because Soros has allegedly funded the political campaigns of Alvin Bragg and other ‘soft on crime’ DA’s.

Of course, the only reason that anyone in the GOP gives one whit about whether criminals are running amok in the streets of New York and other Democrat(ic)-led cities is because Alvin Bragg won the race to indict Trump first. Nobody on either side of the aisle on Capitol Hill really cares about big-city or small-city crime because murder, armed robbery and other unlawful violence are local affairs, which is how it should be, duh, by the way.

No doubt the GOP will try to run on the crime issue next year because they always run on the crime issue. And now, thanks to George Soros, the GOP can connect crime in the big cities to how America is being ruined by the globalists who control the Deep State.

If that’s the best the GOP can come up with, as Grandpa would say, ‘a be gezunt.’ (read: good for them.)

But mention the word ‘Soros’ and the word ‘Jew,’ even if it’s left unsaid, isn’t far behind. Which once again points up how far removed and almost quaint the GOP has become when they try to shape a narrative for 2024.

When I was ten years old, this was 1954, I was doing my thing as a school crossing-guard in Washington, D.C. I loved wearing my white, plastic belt around my shoulders and waist, I proudly walked into the middle of the intersection and waved the kids across when the light changed.

At some point, the D.C. cop who was actually doing the real work turned to me and said, “Hey kid – are you Jewish?”

I nodded my head up and down and he then said, “So Hitler left a few of you around, right?”

And although I was only a kid, I could already smell anti-Semitism and I knew instantly that this cop, for whatever reason, didn’t like Jews, and I had to move away. Which I did. And I never showed up at that corner to work as a school crossing guard again.

That was then – this is now. I haven’t heard anyone other than those fu*king Nazis in Charlottesville make an anti-Semitic comment over the last forty or fifty years. I can still smell anti-Semitism from time to time, but I haven’t heard it the way I heard it when Matt Gaetz shot his mouth off at the Congressional hearing in New York.

On the other hand, Gaetz is so fu*king dumb that he may not even know that Soros is a ‘countryman’ of mine. After all, Gaetz wants to be the leader of MAGA which means he has to come down against globalization plans being implemented by Soros and the rest of the Deep State.

Not that Gaetz necessarily knows what the word ‘globalization’ means anyway, but if Donald Trump’s against it, so is he.

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