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Trump Comes Back to DC and Says Nothing At All.

I have to give the POS/GOP credit for being consistent. Because the truth is they have been saying the same thing now for at least 60 years. And you have to admit that the world has changed quite a bit over the past 60 years, but you’d never know it listening to those guys.

I got active politically in the early 1960’s because of civil rights. Then we had the anti-war movement, then we had women’s rights, then gay rights, then gender-free rights.

The POS/GOP was opposed to every, single one of those ideals. Their domestic agenda starts with lower taxes and ends with being tough on crime. That was Barry Goldwater’s message in 1964, that will be the POS/GOP narrative in 2024.

This past weekend the POS/GOP started revving their message up for 2024 with a meeting in D.C. of an outfit called the America First Policy Institute, which is basically an outfit to promote Orange Shithead’s 2024 election along with promoting pro-Trump Congressional candidates for 2022.

The head of this motley crew is Brooke Rollins, who was Director of the Domestic Policy Council under Trump and says that she “developed and managed the transformational domestic policy agenda of the Trump Administration, leading to historic achievements for the American people.”

In other words, another liar. And if you think this one’s a self-promoter, you should have tuned in to the prayerful introduction of OS last night by Paula Cain, who runs something called the City of Destiny church in Florida, which is basically a front for one of those TV-based evangelical ministries which got Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye into all kinds of trouble back in 1988.

Bakker ended up doing five years in prison but now he’s back on TV again. The only problem is that he just can’t stop scamming and was ordered to pay $156,000 in restitution fees to people who purchased a fake medicine from his website that was supposed to provide an immunity to Covid-19. Anyway, back to OS and his appearance in D.C.

Before Trump appeared on the stage, there was a brief panel discussion featuring Kevin McCarthy and – ready? – Newt Gingrich. That’s right! Newt Gingrich is still around. They never quit.

Remember the ‘Contract with America’ which brought a POS/GOP majority into the House of Representatives and made Gingrich the House Speaker in 1995?

Gingrich quit the House in 1999 after being censured for some flim-flam involving royalty payments from some book. He’s been tirelessly promoting the election ‘fraud’ nonsense over the last several years and is now just another one of the scam artists (Bannon, Giuliani, hanging onto Trump.

Trump spent most of what was billed as a ‘policy speech’ telling the rather small audience comprised almost entirely of older, White men about how he would deal with the problem of urban crime in ‘Democrat cities.’ His solution, or I should say, his policy, would be to send in the National Guard - ready again? – whether a Governor asked for the Guard or not.

There just happens to be a federal law, actually several laws, which not only prohibits the military from engaging in domestic crime-fighting activity but also prohibits anyone from activating the National Guard except the Governor of a state.

But to Trump’s credit, it’s not as if he has ever been concerned with the specifics of any law. His job as President is to watch Sean Hannity and then get up and repeat whatever Hannity has said.

That’s right. When it comes to policy, Trump’s policies are set by some 30-year-old assistant TV producer who writes the scripts for Sean Hannity’s show.

The only way that the Democrats could lose another election to Donald Trump in 2024 is if they run someone as thoroughly unqualified as the candidate they ran in 2016. Could that happen? Of course.

But even if OS ends up in the Oval Office in 2025, his appearance and his speech in D.C. this past weekend tells me that nothing he promises to do will get done.

What’s so bad about another four years of a show called White House Reality TV?

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