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Trump Goes Looking for Help.

              So, now we get from the Trump playbook what seems to be is not his choice of running mates, at least two members of the GOP gang whom he appears to like.

              One of them is Tim Scott, the momentary Presidential candidate who’s a black Senator from South Carolina, the ither is Kristi Noem, the Governor of South Dakota who just got herself banned from the Pine Ridge Reservation because of her comments about sending razor wire to the Southern border to help keep the immigrants out.

              Not only was Noem told to stay the hell out of tribal lands, she also just lost a lawsuit brought against her by an organization which operates in South Dakota to facilitate health care and social services for the LGBTQ community and lost a state contract because that shitass Governor killed the contract the moment she learned that the outfit was responding to LGBTQ medical and social needs.

              Noem is such a shitass that when she lost a federal suit over this action which according to the Court violated both state and federal anti-discrimination statutes, she had some underlings send out the public apology letter required by the decision rather than writing something herself. What a complete and total piece of shit.

              As for Scott, this idiot tried to run a national campaign based on something about being a good Christian, or being a good God-fearing person, or being a good whatever as long as you registered as a member of the GOP.

              Scott’s grandfather picked cotton and Scott would have ended up picking cotton as well if Northern Democrats and a few enlightened liberal Southerners hadn’t joined together to pass LBJ’s civil rights bill in 1964, an event which Scott somehow always manages to ignore when he brags about his success based on the so-called ‘fact’ that America isn’t racist anymore.

              He’s correct. Legally speaking, we have demolished the Jim Crow legal environment which emerged in states like South Carolina after the Civil War. And don’t get me wrong. The whole point of civil rights is to allow morons like Scott to join the GOP even if they justify this decision by creating and promoting a version of American history which has absolutely no basis in truth or facts.

              But don’t forget that Scott’s being touted as a possible running mate by someone who can’t say one, goddamn word without telling a lie. His latest is the boast that no terrorist attacks occurred on his watch. In fact, in October 2017, a nut-job named Sayfullo Saipov killed 8 people in New York and claimed he did so in the name of ISIS, a mass murder which Trump mentioned several times over the next couple of days.

              I suspect the real reason Trump has mentioned a 2024 GOP ticket with Scott or Noem is because in order to bring his motherfucker team back into the White House, he only needs to pick up some otherwise Democrat(ic) votes in a couple of swing states.

              On the other hand, if he goes with either Scott or Noem, then a black or a woman will be one heartbeat away from the Presidency and that might not go over very well with the MAGA crowd.

              The problem with fashioning an entire political career based on nothing more than racism is that you’ll never get a majority vote on that basis, even though it will help you cement the electoral numbers in some red states.

              What Trump is really thinking about is the fact that the recent polls show him and Joe more or less dividing 90% of the votes but there are still 10% out there who can’t make up their minds.

              I’ve referenced it before but I’ll reference David Sedaris’ comment about the ‘undecided vote,’ which he made during the Obama – McCain race:

            To put them [undecided voters] in perspective, I think of being on an airplane. The flight attendant comes down the aisle with her food cart and, eventually, parks it beside my seat. “Can I interest you in the chicken?” she asks. “Or would you prefer the platter of shit with bits of broken glass in it?”
To be undecided in this election is to pause for a moment and then ask how the chicken is cooked.



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