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Trump Just Can't Shut Up.

Yesterday, Donald Trump went on his Truth Social site and delivered a rant which effectively took him out of contention for 2024. He is now promoting what has to be his craziest and dumbest conspiracy theory of all, which is the idea that there’s now an organizational and tactical connection between the FBI, the owners of Big Teach and – ready? – the Deep State.

And the best part of his diatribe was when he tried to slam dunk tech giants like Twitter for criticizing him but refusing to run ‘factual’ content about – again ready? – Covid 19!

Which brings me to ask two questions, okay?

Question #1: Where does Trump get the balls to post such lies and distortions in any public space?

Question #2: Does he believe that shouting out such nonsense will help him put together a serious 2024 campaign?

What I find most interesting about Trump these days is he communicates in public the exact, same way that he communicated when he was President of the United States. But he’s not President. He’s a guy who behaves like every other out-of-work senior resident in Florida, which means he spends most of his active hours on a golf course, and then sits down in his house to read his 4th-class mail.

In Trump’s case, the mail is in the form of comments that Truth Social viewers post about his rants. But the number of users who access the site is hardly any kind of deal-maker or even deal-breaker. In November, which was a national election, Truth Social registered 30 million visits. CNN had almost 600 million visits that same month.

Want to believe that everyone flocks to Truth Social because they don’t trust what they read on Fake News websites like CNN? You can think that all you want. The only little problem is that you happen to be wrong.

If it weren’t for the fact that nobody cares about Ukraine anymore and the videos about the flooding in California are starting to wear thin, Trump’s Truth Social rants wouldn’t get any coverage at all. And by the way, it’s now two months since Trump announced his 2024 campaign, and the campaign website doesn’t list a single, public event.

The good news is that you can buy a t-shirt, a hat, a bumper sticker or a beer mug on the website. But if Trump wanted to get really serious about generating some revenue out of this online store, what he should consider doing is selling some tactical ammunition, or maybe even a custom gun.

Back in 2020, some outfit in Idaho (I think) started selling a Trump 45-caliber pistol, which had Trump’s name and Presidential seal on the slide and his face on the grip. Trust me when I tell you that the gun wasn’t a big seller:

On the other hand, you really never know. And maybe some of those schmucks who drive around in their F-150’s with a Trump flag fluttering out the back would also like a Trump gun to stick in their glove compartment or just keep on the seat (for quick access, of course.)

Trump’s current situation reminds me of what happens at a NASCAR race. Sooner or later, there’s going to be an accident, and the last thing you want is just a little fender bender or maybe a slow slide along the wall.

Everyone’s assuming that sooner or later Trump’s going to get hit over the head. But what we don’t want is some minor-league sanction, unindicted co-conspirator, or something stupid like that.

What we’d like to see is a big, fat indictment for insurrection, or fraud, or both. What would be perfect is an indictment, a trial, a conviction, a jail sentence and then Joe pardons Trump and lets him go back to Mar-a-Lago with the understanding that he’ll keep his mouth shut.

Think it can’t happen? Remember how Michael Moore was the only person who predicted a Trump election in 2016?

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