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We Just Stole Two More!

Since when did Republicans become enamored of everyone voting? They sure as hell weren’t that way when I was a kid. I was born and raised in D.C. Nobody could vote. And I never noticed that Republicans were all that upset about the fact that 800,000 American citizens living in the District had no franchise.

For that matter, although every citizen living in the 48 states at that time had voting rights, thanks to Constitutional amendments passed in 1865 and 1920, it wasn’t like by the time I came of voting age that any Republican activist ever tried to sign me up.

From the time I was old enough to vote until when I voted on November 3rd of last year, I have lived in 6 states: New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, South Carolina and now Massachusetts. I have never seen the Republicans do a voter registration drive in any of those states. Until I sent the Trump campaign a hundred bucks last year so that I could see what kind of fundraising appeals they were making over the internet, I never, ever heard from any Republican candidate at all.

When the Trump election gang had to come up with some nonsense to explain why they were lagging in the polls, they started talking about an ‘army’ of 50,000 activists who were going to knock on every door to get out the vote. Republicans mounting a Get Out the Vote (GOTV) campaign? Are you serious?

The single, best reportage of the 2020 campaign was a story in New York Magazine filed by a reporter who actually left her office in Commie-land and went out to look for this GOP-GOTV army in some small towns in Pennsylvania which the GOP needed to win. She couldn’t find any evidence of this kind of GOTV activity at all. When she went to a storefront where GOP-GOTV training was going to take place, she was the only one who showed up.

Now granted, I live in an overwhelmingly blue state. However, back in September the state GOP announced they would do coordinated, weekend rallies all over the state. By coincidence, I happened to walk past one of these rallies being held in the town of Greenfield and what I saw was four or five older White men, standing on a corner, waving MAGA signs and smoking which meant they couldn’t wear their masks.

Across the street a counter demonstration had formed which was 12-15 people, half women, several Blacks, and five or six younger right out of the TikTok brigade. They were all wearing masks.

Stop and think about this for a minute: We just had an election in Georgia which was won by a Black and a Jew. When was the last time that Georgia was represented in the U.S. Senate by anyone other than a White male or female of the Christian faith? Try never, as in never, okay?

Every time that Trump talks about the 2020 election, he gloats about the fact that no previous incumbent President ever received 73 million votes. But I don’t notice him ever saying g anything about the fact that his opponent was the first Presidential candidate of all time to receive over 80 million votes. Of course we know that hundreds of thousands of those votes were trucked from some unknown printing plant in Long Island and delivered to polling places in Pennsylvania, right?

It’s also a fact, by the way, that Biden won Nevada because of the votes he received from Area 51. I just made that one up but what the hell. A little theft here, a little dump there, it adds up to 81 million votes pretty fast. The week before the election, Trump actually told a rally that the reason virus deaths had increased was because “doctors make more money when someone dies from Covid.”

The reason Trump lost his bid for re-election is the same reason why his appearances in Georgia didn’t push Loeffler or Perdue over the finish line. At a certain point, everyone gets sick and tired of anyone who can only talk about himself.

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