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What Do We Do Without Trump To Kick Around?

Yesterday we learned that a third Member of Congress who was hiding in plain sight during the invasion of the Capitol has contracted the ‘Chinese’ virus. And if you look at the videos of the riot, you’ll notice that most of the patriots and freedom fighters weren’t wearing masks. So, if you think that Trump’s little party in the Rose Garden was a super-spreader, it was nothing compared to what will happen when all those schmucks who fought their way into the Capitol are now back home breathing all over everyone again.

I mention this issue because there’s all kinds of theories floating around about what’s going to happen to the alt-right now that Trump is on his way out the door and doesn’t even have a Twitter or a Facebook account. It also looks like he’s not going to have a bank account. So how will he continue to lead the MAGA movement and prepare for another Presidential campaign in 2024?

There isn’t going to be a 2024 MAGA campaign. For that matter, never mind 2024. By next year, there won’t be a MAGA movement at all. The disappearance of MAGA won’t be the result of the corporate wing of the Deep State censoring the internet. It won’t be because the political establishment no longer tolerates free speech. The MAGA movement is going to disappear because the members of that movement will all be dead.

I don’t mean dead in a psychological or cultural or political sense. I mean dead as in no longer breathing, no longer above ground. Or to quote my grandfather, they’ll all be toyt, fartig, which means gone as in finished, okay?

The latest survey shows that one-third of all Americans still don’t want to receive a Covid-19 vaccination later this year. And while there may have been some initial hesitancy to get the vaccine based on how quickly the vaccine was developed, tested, and produced, enough doses have been injected so that we would already know whether getting the shot or shots represents a serious risk. That being the case, anyone who at this point believes that receiving the vaccine is something they’d rather not do, is someone who probably also endorses the idea that Mike Pence is a traitor and deserves to be hung.

Incidentally, I suspect that the jerks who marched into the Capitol shouting ‘hang Mike Pence,’ would have been shouting ‘shoot Mike Pence’ except being upstanding, law-abiding citizens, they knew they couldn’t bring their guns onto the Capitol grounds.

The same people who don’t wear masks are the same people who won’t take the vaccine. After all, freedom is as freedom does and you can’t ever compromise with protecting your freedom to decide for yourself how to behave in a safe way. Did any of those schmucks ever hear of speed limits?

Now that even YouTube has bounced Trump, the Deep State media will have to figure out a way to come up with a daily dose of fake news because they won’t have Trump around to provide it for them with his tweets, videos, and quickie comments as he walks towards Air Force One. Has one day gone by in the last four years where Trump’s internet presence wasn’t the stuff of which so-called ‘news’ was made?

I hate to say it, but as a confirmed politics junkie for the last 60 years I’m going to miss Trump. I’m going to miss his lies, his so-called ‘leaks,’ his appeals to racism, his misspellings of his tweets. I’m even going to miss his stupid sons and his arrogant son-in-law. And most of all, I’m going to miss the Proud Boys because as the owner of a gun shop, I suspect my business will now go right down the drain.

What I’m not going to miss is waiting to get vaccinated for Covid-19, which may happen in my state as early as next month. If it does, I’ll be able to get my shots sooner rather than later because I don’t give one rat’s damn about protecting my freedoms from threats from the Deep State.

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1 Comment

Jan 14, 2021

I prefer boredom. I really don't want to have to deal with Mr. Trump's kabuki theatre.

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