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What's the Bigger Fake? The News or Trump's 2024 Campaign?

I can’t get over how the Fake News Media continues to give Trump a pass virtually every, single day. I don’t know if the FN Media ever did any serious investigative reportage on Trump, but they sure as Hell aren’t doing it now.

Here’s a guy who sends out a couple of stupid, senseless and totally incorrect statements every day on his home-grown social media network and it’s reported as news. As if anything Trump says has any degree of impact on current political events at all.

Not only does the FN Media continue to pretend that Trump’s verbal behavior is newsworthy but, if necessary, the FN Media will even invent stories about Trump which Trump can then use to make more out of himself than he deserves.

Back on November 15, Trump announced the beginning of his 2024 campaign to an audience at Mar-a-Lago who had to be kept in their seats because otherwise most of the crowd would have gotten up to leave.

A day doesn’t go by now without the FN Media carrying at least one story which mentions the Trump ‘campaign.’ But there is no campaign unless we have a new definition for what constitutes a political campaign.

Maybe I’m just old fashioned or out of touch, but I thought that political campaigns consisted of two things: raising money and holding political events. In 2015, following Trump’s announcement of his Presidential candidacy, he held 11 public events, with more than 50,000 total people showing up.

This time around, Trump has yet to hold a public event. Back in January the campaign announced they would hold an event in South Carolina at the end of the month. Then they announced it was going to be an ‘intimate’ event. It was so intimate that I can’t find any mention of the event actually taking place.

As for fundraising, the numbers here are so small that it’s difficult to say that any fundraising activity is actually taking place. Trump’s 2024 campaign, according to the FEC, raised a grand total of $3,823,300 from November 15th through year’s end. In other words, an average of $637,000 and change every week.

In the 2020 campaign, according to Open Secrets, the Trump campaign raised an average of $3,900,000 every week. When Trump was in the White House, he was raising five times more money than what he is now raising sitting on his fat ass in Palm Beach.

Folks, whatever Trump is doing these days, it’s not a national, Presidential campaign. Telling some ass-kissing interviewer on some alt-right video news channel that the country is in the ‘worst possible shape’ isn’t a political campaign. Going online and coming up with a new nickname for Ron DeSantis on a weekly basis isn’t a campaign.

Of course, when the only other political news coming out of the GOP camp is the claim by Marjorie Taylor Greene that she didn’t know the Rothschilds were Jewish, why shouldn’t the FN media continue to promote stories about a Trump Presidential campaign that doesn’t exist?

The bottom line here is that the media no longer exists as a mechanism for giving us the facts. It exists as a mechanism to keep us paying attention to the ads.

So, what if the Trump campaign isn’t really a campaign? What’s really important for me to know is where should I go to buy a six-pack for under six bucks.

That’s the real news.

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