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Who Was Responsible For January 6th?

So now the latest attempt by the fake news media to keep Trump alive is the claim being made by his PR team that he will continue to build the MAGA movement and keep his options open for another Presidential campaign in 2024. He’ll build a social media network, he’ll hold those Nuremburg rallies, he’ll be the first President to lose a re-election bid who comes back and gets elected again.

There’s only one little problem with this scheme. It doesn’t take into account the fact that there are lots of people, both within and without the GOP, who really want Trump to disappear. I’m amazed at how little attention has been paid to the fact that Trump called the 2018 midterm election a referendum on him and he got clobbered in that one.

What has been overlooked in the 2018 results was that the election marked the highest turnout of eligible voters since 1914. Even more important was that early voting numbers were almost twice as high as early votes recorded in 2014. Why do you think Trump tried so desperately to invalidate early voting results last year?

Then there was the Georgia runoff last month which cost the GOP control of the Senate. Trump shows up for a rally the night before the vote and all he manages to do is create more excitement and energy on the other side.

The only reason the GOP is still kissing Trump’s fat rear end is that, if anything, the emerging crop of 2024 Presidential wannabes are just as bad, or even worse. You think anyone would vote for Josh Hawley after he gave a fist-pump salute to the Capitol mob? As for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, both of them still have to figure out how to be seen as something other than Trump-lites. And Nikki Haley? She’s going to beat Kamala Harris in a one-on-one. Give me a break.

But the fact that the GOP leadership group has nothing to offer anyone doesn’t mean that this clears the runway for another run by Trump. To the contrary, Trump’s belief that he can remain in the middle of the political arena just took a big and nasty bump. Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi announced the formation of an ‘independent’ Commission to figure out how and why the Capitol was attacked. The work of this group will be similar to the work of the Commission that was put together after the 9-11 attack.

The Commission’s responsibility will be to figure out how to predict and protect the government from such future attacks, or what Pelosi referred to as ‘domestic terrorism.’ And if you think this Commission won’t look at whether there was any advance riot planning involving the White House, think again. Because that’s what this effort is really all about.

In fact, some vague outlines of Trump’s activity in the days leading up to January 6th can be found in some interesting fake news research about Roger Stone. What has been gleaned from various videos so far is that at least six members of the Oath Keepers gang who invaded the Capitol on January 6th served as Stone’s bodyguards both before and after the Capitol event.

Given the fact that Stone was one of the featured speakers who warmed up the crowd gathering at the Ellipse the night prior to the riot, given the fact that both he and Trump made endless social media announcements to build the crowd for the January 6th rally, given the fact that Stone has been working for Trump throughout the latter’s Administration and is probably still working for him today, given all these facts, how can a serious investigation of ‘domestic terrorism’ as represented by the January 6th riot not lead back to Trump?

That’s the whole point of this non-partisan Commission, okay? And that’s the reason why Trump won’t be around for 2024.

The day after 9-11, Trump gave an interview and claimed he was down at the site within minutes after the towers came down. You believe that one, you’ll also believe he had nothing to do with the Capitol attack.

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