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Will the GOP Dump Trump?

When someone like Ann Coulter opens her yap and says that the Republicans running for Congress should disengage themselves from Donald Trump, that’s a serious straw in the wind. After all, Coulter published a very flattering book about Trump in 2016 and was a strong promoter of the Mexican wall and Trump’s attempt to block immigrants coming into the country from the Latin American zone.

The ‘let’s dump Trump’ parade is getting bigger and louder every day, so much so that Trump dispatched Kellyanne ‘alternate facts’ Conway to accuse anti-Trump Republicans of ignoring the 74 million who voted for her boss the last time around. Meanwhile, she made a point of not mentioning the 81 million who voted against Trump.

Of course, those votes don’t count because they were all stolen, right?

Trump himself let loose a flurry of rants on his Truth Social app. But he didn’t drop this lallapalooza of noise because he’s so upset. To the contrary, he probably unleashed this torrent of lies and half-truths because if he doesn’t attract more users to the site, it’s going to shut down because it’s broke.

And adding insult to injury, Google has just announced it won’t carry Truth Social in its Play store because too much of its content comes from QAnon and other crazy digital feeds, which might mean that Apple will stop carrying Truth Social as well. And if that happens, to quote Grandpa, it’s ‘fartig’ (read: finished) for Trump, at least in an internet sense.

I’ll ask the same question that don Corleone asked when he met with the other Mafia chieftains in Godfather II: How did things get to this point? Just a few months ago the GOP was sailing along, convinced they were going to clobber the Democrats in the mid-terms, the January 6th mess appeared to be fading away and a gallon of gasoline cost more than four bucks a pop.

All of a sudden, the polls show the election to be a dead heat, Trump can’t even find a lawyer worth his salt to represent him in court and yesterday I pulled up at my local convenience store and paid $3.51 a gallon which gave me enough leftover change to buy a scratch ticket, coffee, and a snack.

And if you think the average voter worries about inflation while he’s sitting in the cab of his F-150 muscle truck hoping to beat those 1 in 4 scratch odds, you either don’t pump your own gasoline or you don’t know anything about the average voter except what you see and hear on CNN or MS-NBC.

This morning I heard the Limbaugh wannabee on AM talk-radio saying how offended he was that Joe was referring to him and other Republicans as semi-Fascists. The fact that he and every other alt-right noisemaker has been calling Joe a Communist for the last several years somehow didn’t intrude on his train of so-called thought.

What the Democrats need to do is keep propping up Trump until at least the November election, if not for the next couple of years. Trump’s endless whining is the best thing the blue team has going to keep the Congressional majority this year and re-elect Joe in 2024.

It took the GOP twelve years to recover from Goldwater before the word ’conservative’ could be mentioned again in a polite argument between someone on the Left and someone on the Right. I’m more than happy to take three more blue victories in the Presidential sweepstakes before the Republicans get their sh*t together and come out ahead.

And by the way, I’m not so sure Trump will declare himself a non-candidate for 2024 if the Democrats hold onto either the Senate, the House or both in ten weeks. After all, why should he give up the opportunity to sell some more MAGA flags and MAGA hats?

Some guy drove past me this morning with his ‘Trump – 2024’ flag fluttering in the breeze. I honked and waved because every time I see any MAGA or Trump signage at all, I assume it will be worth two votes for Joe.

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