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Wishes For The New Year.

So, here’s what I hope happens in 2022:

· The Democrats keep control of the Hill, or at least either the Senate or the House. Because if they lose both chambers, the only thing they can investigate is why the Senate cafeteria has stopped serving rice and beans. The cafeteria served rice and beans when I was a kid and ate lunch there in 1954 and 1955. I understand that it was still on the menu last year.

· Rand Paul loses his Senate seat and can then spend all his time running his fundraising business for alt-right candidates but at least we won’t hear from him again. This piece of sh*t has the audacity to challenge Anthony Fauci even though his certification as an ophthalmologist is faked.

· Marjorie Taylor Greene admits to living with another woman but it’s not a lesbian relationship since they only practice tantric sex.

· One of Lauren Boebert’s wait staff in her restaurant accidently pulls out his gun and shoots a customer in the foot. The restaurant is closed ‘until further notice.’

· Matt Gaetz and Donald Trump, Jr., start a national ‘freedom’ tour with an appearance at The Villages in Florida which is cancelled when it’s realized that their appearance conflicts with the first day of the monthly shuffleboard tournament.

· Donald Trump tries to auction off his MAGA trademark. The auction starts at $10 million but gets no bids.

· Someone puts a virus on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and they all shut down – permanently.

Seriously – please stay healthy and safe!

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Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams
31 dic 2021

Have faith...the Democrats will keep control of the Hill. This economy is booming. I don't care if the New York Post slammed the President for tweeting one analyst touting the economy. It's not only that the economy is doing great, but we also are making great progress on the southern border by allowing hundreds of thousands (maybe even a couple million) of people to enter this great country, but also the supply chain is working, we are moving faster towards doing away with fossil fuels and entering into the green deal. Biden has move forward with public policy addressing climate change along with achieving other social aims like job creation and reducing economic inequality.

Now to help in keeping the…

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